Meet Former Airbnb Execs Behind Revolutionary Formula Company

A former employee of Airbnb decided to leave her job and start her own formula company.

Laura Modi is a former Airbnb operator. She had no intentions of leaving the business until she gave birth to her daughter. She had always heard that "breast is best" and she wanted to breastfeed her daughter but she wasn't producing enough milk to feed her an adequate amount. Modi realized that she wasn't going to be able to exclusively breastfeed and she would have to help with the formula. As Modi went down the baby isle she noticed that her options were quite limited. The baby formula choices only had a couple of options from three different brands. Each formula contained questionable ingredients such as soy and random syrups. She didn't want to feed her baby something like that. Modi said that she was very cautious about what she put in her body during pregnancy. She thought that baby foods would provide ingredients that were healthy for the baby, but she was finding options that had ingredients her pediatrician warned her about. Modi said, "I felt trapped."

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Modi is certainly not the only one who feels this way. About 83% of mothers will have to feed their child formula at some point before their baby is even a year old. About 70% of mothers will have to supplement with formula and almost every single woman says that she feels guilty for this decision because they are judged.


She decided to leave Airbnb and start her own brand called Bobbie Baby. Bobbie Baby is a chance for mothers to have a healthier option for their children. Modi wanted to disrupt the $70 billion market and create a product that moms would want to choose. Modi enlisted her business partner, Sarah Hardy, to help her with the project. Not only did they want to create their own formula, but that they wanted to provide family specialists to directly help their customers. The duo has started piloting white-glove deliveries in San Francisco where family specialist are providing direct hands-on assistance.

Sarah Hardy says in an interview that their hands-on specialist will go and directly deliver their Bobbie product to their customers. While they are there they will help teach the parents how to introduce the formula to their baby. The specialist can then answer all of the questions that any of the parents may have. Both Hardy and Modi really want to help women feel okay with feeding their baby formula. Feeding formula usually isn't the first option and yet parents are still judging those who have to feed their child formula. Modi said that when breast doesn't work then she wants parents to feel confident using her Bobbie brand.

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