Meet Maria, My Mom Friend - Part Two

You met my friend, Maria and learned about her son, Kash. I hope that Maria will share more with us someday - she's a pretty rad lady. But for now, here's Part Two of our conversation from this weekend. Here you'll learn a bit more about our drinking habits, life-hacks, and how we're surviving our toddlers.

What kind of wine do you like?

glass of wine

M: The kind with the highest alcohol content. (laughs) My favorite wine is ice wine, but specifically the ice wine from Cooper’s Hawk. It’s flipping amazing.

A: I like the high content. Respect! 

M: Ice wine has a super high alcohol content - like, 15%? They let the grapes freeze and then they make wine with them. Because they grapes are already overripe when they pick them, there’s a high sugar content. So they serve it really cold and it’s almost syrupy?

A: That sounds delicious. Maybe we can get together with my friend L at a Cooper’s Hawk.

What’s your favorite mom-hack?

M: I’m a veggie hider!

A: You are very good at this.

M: I’m a veggie hider big-time. I incorporate the veggies in the meal. Like the other, the cheese for our mac and cheese - the base of it was squash.

A: Nice. I need to learn how to do this. Mine is probably the sheets and chux trick where you layer them so you can make nighttime bedding changes way faster.

What is the hardest thing about having a toddler?

M: Patience is the hardest thing about a toddler. You want so badly to be able to look at them and say don’t do that and for them to be able to say yeah ok I won’t do that. (laughs) Wishful thinking. To keep repeating yourself over and over again, to stop them from doing things they’re not supposed to do. It’s rough. And this is why moms drink ice wine.

A: (laughs) Yes. That’s probably mine, too. That and not being able to take my eyes off of him - just having to be hawk-eye all the time is exhausting and I can’t ever get anything done.

What’s your favorite thing about having a toddler?

M: They’re so funny. Honestly, he does things often that I want to laugh at and I really have to try hard not to laugh at him sometimes. But like, 90% of the naughty things he does are hilarious.


A: Shep has great comedic timing. I mean, we were all just laughing at him so hard a minute ago. I think mine is that he’s so sweet and so fun. Everything is learning and we’re just living life and he’s just soaking it all up. It’s great to see.

Can you sum up your parenting philosophy in a few words?

M: I suppose, “Have fun, but be safe.” Everything’s about fun for me. Sometimes I ever feel like I should do more learning activities than this, but we’re having so much doing this. And I think fun is learning, too! I see at their age some of the intense learning activities parents try to do - and while I commend them for it - I’d rather be playing with a toy right now.

A: Yes, so much yes. Play is learning. I think we should never stop playing. I feel like we’re both, “Oh, you’re fine.” moms. And that's what I love about spending time with you! Our styles mesh well.

Thanks for meeting my friend! I'm so very lucky to have an amazing tribe of women who support and really care deeply about one another and our families. Better yet, they're all smart, funny, and talented. Maybe you can meet a few more of them in the future!


Who was your first mom-friend? Are you still in touch? Where do you meet other moms? Do I sound like I'm asking you how to date a mom? Because I am. Let me know! Tweet at me - I'd love to hear from you! 

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