Meghan And Harry Make Their First Appearance With Baby Sussex

The Duchess of Sussex was exultant as she made her first appearance on camera since becoming a mother, admitting she has the two best guys in the world. The new mom took a few minutes to answer questions for CNN about the historical occasion the world has anxiously been  awaiting.

The couple concedes it’s not yet definitive who their royal newborn takes after with Harry stating that he has already changed so much and will continue to do so daily. What is clear is that the past two days have been magical for the new parents.

Harry confirms that parenthood is great and that they are thrilled to have their own precious bundle of joy. He admits they are savoring their time with him as he is growing rather quickly. It’s a telling indication that Harry is mindful of how fleeting these cherished moments are.

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Meghan and Harry disclosed that they were on their way to visit "two very special people," the Queen and Prince Phillip, to introduce them to baby Sussex. The Duchess seemed thrilled to be sharing her jubilation with even more family, adding that presently she does have her mother there with them as well.


Markle shared that baby Sussex has a calm temperament, and throughout the interview, he was genuinely quiet. CNN, hoping to get a glance of the precious newborn, asked for a peek and the couple revealed the adorable baby's delicate face for the very first time. Wrapped in a lavish cream blanket and matching knit hat, the newborn appeared harmonious and snug, Meanwhile, his parents complimented him nicely with the neutral hues in their own choice of apparel. The moment was picture perfect.

The royal family announced the birth via Instagram on Monday morning with the healthy newborn reportedly weighing 7 pounds, 8 ounces. Although the royal newborn is being welcomed as baby Sussex, it’s only a matter of time before he is formally introduced with his official title to the world. Until then, best wishes to the royal couple and their tiny miracle. May their journey be as remarkable as they have always dreamed.


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