Meghan King Edmonds Revealed That Her 13-Month-Old Son Has Suffered Irreversible Brain Damage

In a sweet and touching blog post, Meghan King Edmonds revealed that her 13-month-old son Hart has irreversible brain damage. He was diagnosed after her mother's intuition pushed her to seek multiples opinions from doctors and specialists after she felt something was not right with Hart.

He was recently diagnosed with minor Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) on both sides of his brain but more on the right. The diagnosis didn't surprise Edmonds who was searching for answers after a gut feeling told her Hart had an issue after he wasn't meeting certain milestones. Her husband, retired baseball player Jim Edmond's was surprised because Hart's delays aren't severe.

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PVL can lead to a diagnosis as cerebral palsy and can cause physical developmental delays. Hart had to undergo an MRI to get his diagnosis. According to Edmonds, Hart has had issues since birth that concerned her.

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In her post, Edmonds references the nurses having to straighten his legs at birth, ongoing issues with nursing, and his inability to see his hands and staying cross-eyed for too long. The PVL explains all of these issues and more. Hart favored his right side, had a lack of fluidity in his movements and weakness in his lower back.

Sweetly titled, "My Hart", her blog post is full of hope and love for her baby boy. As of now, it is unknown when or how Hart suffered the damage. PVL is more common in premature babies, but Hart was delivered at 37 weeks so his pediatrician theorizes that the damage occurred, "a couple of months before he was born."

The MRI wasn't the first medical procedure in Hart's young life before his mom got the answers she needed. He also underwent lip tie corrections and visited a chiropractor for cranial sacral therapy. Edmond's took Hart to a pediatric ophthalmologist and finally "begged" her pediatrician for a referral to a neurologist. She got the referral despite everyone saying that Hart was just fine, maybe just a little behind.

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The Real Housewives of Orange County alum writes that she "always knew" that Hart was different. She's also open and honest about how difficult it was to get an MRI. And how Hart had to sedated under anesthesia for the nervewracking procedure.

Edmonds has the answers she's been looking for and is very much going through a rollercoaster of emotions. She detailed that she feels both blessed and sad. She is relieved yet heartbroken. Hart is already scheduled to begin early intervention therapy. We're wishing the best for Meghan and sweet little Hart.

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