15 Things Meghan Markle Might Have To Do To Get Pregnant

Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry is on the horizon and it was just announced that the couple's wedding retreat, Frogmore House, is opening to the public on the couple's wedding day on the 19th of May, 2018!

According to The Independent, people who want to celebrate the royal wedding, but weren't lucky enough to score invitations, may buy tickets to tour the grounds. They'll be able to enjoy some champagne as they stroll through the gardens, while the wildflower meadow is blooming. The royal retreat will remain accessible to ticket holders for just three days.

Royal-watchers may find that the cost of a ticket is well worth the money. They'll be so close to the action. Frogmore House is very near the chapel at Windsor Castle, where the couple will become man and wife.

Once Meghan is part of the House of Windsor, she'll probably be interested in having a royal baby, especially since both Meghan and Harry seem very into becoming parents. Plus, Megan is currently 36, so her biological clock is ticking. Since Meghan is moving towards age 40 and wants to have kids, she will need to do certain things in order to boost her chances of conceiving. This list details fifteen things that Meghan Markle will have to do to get pregnant at her age.

If she's lucky, she'll get pregnant easily and then become a Mom. She won't need to take special steps in order to conceive. However, it's not always so easy. Some women do have trouble with fertility and fertility problems are more common when women are a bit older.

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15 Track Her Monthly Ovulation

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According to Web MD, there is a six-day "window" every month when a woman is able to conceive. The full menstrual cycle lasts twenty-eight days. If Meghan wants a baby boy or girl, she'll benefit from tracking her menstrual cycle and then getting "cozy" with Prince Harry during her own six-day window.

If you want to track your ovulation, you should know that day one will be the 1st day of your period. Experts recommend tracking your cycle for a few months, as doing so will help you to understand your own cycle better and find "the window". During one day of the six-day ovulation cycle, your ovaries will release an egg. You may conceive on that day or on the five days before the egg is released.

Without tracking ovulation, you may get intimate at the wrong times, when you can't actually get pregnant.

Meghan may be tracking her ovulation already.

Meghan may want to use an app to track her fertility. There are plenty of them out there. According to FitPregnancy.com, Fertility Friend, Conceivable and OvaCue are great options.

Meghan will have a lot of back-ups if she wants to have a baby. She may not need an app, as she'll have a superb doctor of the highest caliber at her disposal whenever she wants. A great OBGYN may assist her with tracking her cycle. Meghan Markle is definitely a VIP now and they do get special treatment.

14 Skip The Soda Pop

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Meghan seems fairly health-conscious. She's a foodie and they tend to love quality ingredients, rather than processed food and drink. With Meghan's taste for the gourmet in mind, she may not struggle too much if she has to give up soda pop. She probably stays away from it anyway. Studies have linked soda with lower fertility levels. This is why Meghan should stay away from these carbonated drinks while she is trying to get pregnant.

Research which was featured in the scientific journal, Epidemiology, shows that drinking a single sugary pop daily may be enough to negatively impact fertility! Men who want to become dads are advised to stay away from soda as well because it tends to harm the quality of their swimmers.

According to the Medicalnewstoday.com, 15% of couples in the USA suffer from infertility. Americans spend more than $5 billion per year trying to conceive. A lot of people don't realize that soda may be making the process of getting pregnant a lot harder. The good news is that couples who do know the dangers of soda will be able to cut it out of their diets while they are trying to make a baby.

13 Use Targeted Medications

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Sometimes, these medications are necessary. Sometimes, they aren't. If Meghan finds that she fails to conceive, month after month, she may want to consider utilizing fertility medications. According to Advancedfertility.com, there are five forms of medication for boosting fertility and they are Femara (an aromatase inhibitor), Clomid, injectable gonadotropins (or FSH hormone products which are injected), Bromocriptine and a pump called GnRH.

These medications may trigger multiple births.

They may also cause side effects, from headaches to bloating to mood swings to breast tenderness to upset stomach to hot flashes and beyond! Also, when these medications are taken, women are more prone to developing OHSS, which is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome.

Meghan lives in the UK now, so she's probably going to see a "doctor to the rich", who works on Harley Street and offers "cream of the crop" medical care to VIP clients. Her doctor will be able to recommend the right fertility medications, if and when they are needed.

Did you know that the Queen has her own set of doctors, which also have a  special title? The Queen's physician is known as Physician to the Queen, or QHB. At Bucks House (the royal nickname for Buckingham Palace), the doctor and his assistants are referred to as the "medical household" and the Queen's doc is head of the medical household. This physician will surely be happy to help Meghan if she needs advice about fertility medications.

12 Stay Away From Dairy Products

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A lot of women avoid dairy products because they don't tolerate them well, or think that they contribute to acne and weight gain. There may be another good reason to stay away and this is that even dairy products which are low in fat have the capacity to impair fertility! According to The Daily Beast, male hormone is found in low-fat dairy products and this hormone makes getting pregnant more of a challenge.

Women who consume plenty of dairy products (of the low-fat type) are eighty-five times more likely to suffer from "ovulatory infertility", versus ladies who eat few or none of these dairy products. Quite often, lack of ovulation is the reason for infertility.

If Meghan loves dairy, giving it up may be tough. A story at Hellomagazine.com shows that Meghan eats vegan-style during the week and probably cuts loose by eating what she likes on the weekend.

Weekend noshing may include dairy.

If she cuts out the dairy, she'll find it simpler to conceive a baby with her prince. Meghan does pay careful attention to nutrition. She loves oatmeal with honey for breakfast, drinks plenty of green juices and puts care into making delicious Sunday meals which are slow-cooked to perfection.

11 Enforce Certain Minimums

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Meghan does love a good glass of wine. She's a foodie who enjoys pairing the right wine with gourmet food. If Meghan is used to drinking more than seven glasses of wine (or seven other alcoholic beverages) per week, she will need to cut down in order to increase the odds of conception.

I doubt she drinks that much alcohol, anyway. Meghan is fitness-conscious and too much wine tends to bloat up the body and contribute to lasting weight gain. For Meghan, wine is probably more of an occasional indulgence than a facet of her daily diet.

According to Yourfertility.org.au,

she should also avoid drinking more than three boozy beverages at one time.

Naturally, these rules are going to be a drag sometimes. Meghan surely goes to plenty of events where excellent wine is flowing. She might want to enjoy a few glasses just to unwind. If she's trying to get pregnant, she should definitely moderate.

A Refinery29.com story shared information about Meghan's fave wine, which is called Tignatello. Meghan used to have a website called, "The Tig", and she named her website after this delectable wine! In addition to wine, she gives into cravings for ice cream (bad for fertility) and french fries (unhealthy, but glorious).

10 Consider Trying Medical Methods

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Meghan may want to consider IUI (intrauterine insemination) or IVF (in vitro fertilization) if she has trouble conceiving naturally. According to Uscfertility.org, these two forms of fertility treatments are popular choices. They do boost a couple's odds of making a baby.

With IUI, motile spermatazoa will be put into Meghan's uterus. The sperm will be processed first, and then concentrated. The process happens based on a women's monthly cycle. It's timed to coincide with ovulation. It may be done up to a couple of times after ovulation begins. This procedure delivers big concentrations of sperm right near the egg.

IVF has the highest success rate in terms of fertility treatments. With this process, the ovaries are stimulated, so that they are able to produce more than one egg at a time. Eggs are retrieved from the ovary and then fertilized within a lab. Next, resulting embryos are placed within the uterus by a transfer procedure. Results vary based on a woman's age, why she's been infertile and how good an IVF lab is.

IUI costs less than IVF. IUI will typically cost between two hundred and seventy-five dollars and twenty-four hundred and fifty-seven U.S. dollars. The cost of IVF is typically between US $11,000-$12,000.

According to The Independent, Prince Harry has an estimated net work of 28 million British pounds sterling. Meghan has racked up some cash acting on Suits and doing other showbiz jobs. These two can get these fertility treatments as often as they want to!

9 Get Harry’s Guys Checked Out

The Randy Report

Sometimes, men are the reason why couples can't conceive. It's not always because of the woman's age or whatever. If Meghan Markle is serious about having a baby, and things don't happen as fast as she wants them to, it may be time for Harry to go the doctor and get the inside scoop on his own fertility. A royal physician will be able to find out whether he's got a low sperm count or something of that nature.

According to Web MD,

men may gather information about their fertility by visiting doctors who are urologists. This type of doc would give the prince a physical examination and then quiz him about his medical history and his lifestyle.

Harry might be asked about operations he's had, how often he exercises, which medications he takes, whether or not he uses illicit substances and whether or not he's a smoker.

Also, the doc may ask questions about Harry's intimate life, including whether or not he's suffered from STIs. In most cases, when they visit urologists to assess their own fertility, men need to give samples of their semen, so that the samples may be analyzed. If tests are needed, the physician will order them and then find out what's happening with Harry's fertility.

It's always possible that Meghan and Harry are preparing by seeing doctors already. Harry may already know whether or not he's fertile.

8 Think About Adoption As An Alternative

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Adoption is a beautiful thing and couples don't need to be infertile to adopt. However, it's very common for infertile couples to choose adoption. Adoption isn't really something that's prevalent in the Royal Family. Remember, royals are trying to maintain their perks and high position due to their bloodlines.

Biological children carry the esteemed and rare "royal blood". However, Harry is a bit of a rebel. He may well consider adoption if Meghan doesn't become pregnant after a lot of attempts to conceive. It's not hard to picture Harry and Meghan adopting a needy child from Africa, where they are both involved in charitable activities.

According to Hulldailymail.co.uk, people who want to adopt within the United Kingdom must be aged twenty-one or older. It won't matter how old Meghan and Harry are when they want to adopt, as they are both over 21. Anyone who adopts must be a legal resident of the UK, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands. Criminal convictions or issues with offences against children would put the royal couple out of the running for a baby.

I don't think it's realistic to assume that the couple would have trouble adopting. However, the royal family might be resistant to the idea, as the adopted child would not have royal blood.

7 Visit An Acupuncture Clinic

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Would you go see the acupuncturist if you were having trouble getting pregnant? Some women do and there is evidence that it's a helpful strategy. According to Parents.com, many studies show that females who go for acupuncture get pregnant (and give birth) more often than women who don't.

There are fertility physicians who believe in acupuncture as a holistic infertility treatment. These docs think that it decreases stress.

The hormones that our bodies produce when we are stressed may decrease progesterone or other fertility hormones. Meghan may want to get acupuncture as she also gets other fertility treatments. It's quite common to get more than one fertility treatment.

Is acupuncture really safe? Well, it will be, as long as Meghan selects her practitioner with care. The practitioner must be certified and utilize sterile equipment. Meghan might get a bit sore (or bleed and bruise a little) at the injection sites. Acupuncture isn't right for people with bleeding disorders.

I think that Meghan would be open to alternative therapies for infertility. I think she's open-minded. There is plenty of evidence that this treatment works for a lot of women, so she would probably consider it if she was having trouble conceiving a baby.

6 She And The Prince, Three Times A Week

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These two are in love and their romance is still quite new. It's been quite a whirlwind romance in its way! However, Meghan and Harry are also really busy with wedding planning. They may be experiencing a lot of fatigue right now as they juggle official engagements with wedding preparations and their charitable activities.

If they've found it hard to get intimate three times a week before the wedding, things should calm down once they are newlyweds. When things do calm down, they should focus on intimacy at least three times per week, as this will boost the odds of pregnancy.

According to Verywellfamily.com, three to four times per week is the right number to boost the odds of conception. They should have private time 2 to 3 days before Meghan ovulates. It's about intimacy before ovulation, rather than afterward! Days twelve and thirteen of a woman's cycle are the most fertile times. Some women are fertile earlier, such as on days eight or nine. Some are fertile as late as day nineteen or twenty. Swimmers survive for 5 days in a woman's reproductive tract.

If Meghan doesn't conceive shortly after her wedding, I am sure that she'll have fun trying. Harry will, too. Their wedding is going to be super-romantic, so they're bound to be in a romantic haze for quite a while afterward.

5 Utilize Stress Management Techniques

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Stress makes everything harder. It negatively impacts our bodies, minds, and spirits. Stress isn't good for fertility, so Meghan should embrace stress management techniques that keep her calm, balanced and centered.

Yoga is a great choice and she enjoys Yoga already. When she's doing the Downward Facing Dog or another Yoga pose, she'll practice breathing which is very beneficial to stress relief. She will also stretch and tone her muscles. Any form of exercise should help.

According to Thisisinsider.com, Meghan loves Yoga.

She's often "papped" carrying a Yoga mat or was papped doing this before she made the move to the UK. Meghan isn't photographed out on the street so much these days unless she is doing a royal walkabout.

Other stress management tips which might appeal to her include meditation and art therapy. Meditation is not so far from Yoga's measured breathing. It's the natural next step. She could pick a mantra and chant it aloud (or to her herself) as she takes deep, even breaths.

Art therapy is proven to boost the amount of positive emotions that people have and it's also proven to help prevent negative emotions. Meghan used to do calligraphy professionally, so she is already artistic. Although they are now divorced, she made the wedding invitations for Paula Patton and Robin Thicke's wedding.

4 She'll Need A Pregnancy Eating Plan

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According to Livescience.com, women who want to get pregnant should focus on taking prenatal vitamins which contain iron and folic acid. They should also follow balanced diets which provide them with the ultimate in nourishment. A balanced diet typically include dairy products, but she may want to find substitutes for dairy, as there is evidence that it may negatively affect fertility. If she skips the dairy, she'll need to get calcium and vitamin D in other ways.

Other aspects of a healthy pregnancy diet include fruit, veggies, lean protein and whole grains. Hydration is also important. She should follow the "eight by eight' rule, which is to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.

Meghan is rumored to have visited with a prominent pregnancy nutritionist in the UK already. According to Pressreader.com, she connected with Melanie Brown (not the Spice Girl!), who offer pre-pregnancy and pregnancy nutritional advice to women. Brown lives and works quite close to Meghan and Harry's love nest at Kensington Palace.

I think Meghan is very aware of nutrition and she's smart to get expert advice if she wants to get pregnant quickly. Meghan is into green juices and a healthy lifestyle. She knows how important nutrients are and will take care to nourish her body so it's ready to conceive.

3 See Her Obgyn Before Trying

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Meghan should see a licensed OBGYN a couple of months before she wants to get pregnant. Three months before would work, too. Basically, seeing an OBGYN well ahead of time is a wise way to make a plan for getting pregnant. According to Parents.com, women benefit from preconception appointments with OBYNs. At an appointment of this type, Meghan will be quizzed, much the same way that Harry would be if he got his fertility checked out at a urologist.

A doc will ask Meghan about her medical history and lifestyle, as well as her gynecological history. The doctor may also want to know if she's taking any herbs, medications or vitamins. Many women bring their partners to these appointments, but it's not mandatory to do so.

It's possible that Meghan's had a preconception doctor's appointment already.

She knows that Harry wants a family soon and she probably wants one, too. If she's been meeting with a pregnancy/pre-pregnancy nutritionist, she's probably taking some other practical steps as well, which will help to boost the odds of conceiving a royal baby in the near future.

Sure, women get pregnant without having these appointments. The thing is, older women often have more trouble conceiving. This is why they should make a point of scheduling these appointments.

2 Have A Thyroid Checkup

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According to Pregnancy.com.au, thyroid function which is poorer than average may make it harder to get pregnant. Women who've been trying to conceive for half a year or longer should get their thyroids checked by doctors before moving onto fertility treatments, such as IVF. Sometimes, poor thyroid function is the root cause of infertility. This is why Meghan should think about thyroid health before she tries to have a baby.

Proper thyroid function is important when it comes to fertility, as well as the capacity to conceive and the capacity to bring a fetus to full term. When a thyroid is overactive or under-active, getting pregnant may be a big challenge. Usually, an under-active thyroid is the key thyroid issue that is linked with fertility.

Signals that the thyroid may be wreaking havoc with a female reproductive system include trying to get pregnant for over half a year without success, having one or more miscarriages, having a menstrual cycle which is irregular and/or being in a family with a history of thyroid health issues.

Obviously, Meghan's going to have the world's premier health care at her fingertips. It won't be difficult for her to request and access a thyroid test. Doing so may help her to give Prince Harry a son or daughter in the foreseeable future.

1 Try To Get Pregnant Right After Stopping Birth Control

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The conventional wisdom is that women should wait for a while after stopping birth control pills before trying to get pregnant. However, a lot of experts believe that women should begin trying to conceive right after they stop taking the Pill.

According to Web MD, it is possible to get pregnant as soon as you stop taking the pill, whether it's a low-dose hormonal formula or a regular-dose formula. Fifty percent of ladies do conceive within three months after giving up birth control pills. Most conceive within a year after they stop taking the Pill.

We aren't privy to information about Meghan's preferred form of birth control if she is using birth control. Only the royal couple (and perhaps their doctors) know this information.

If Meghan does take the Pill, as so many women do, it's likely that she's going to stop soon. She may have stopped already. Meghan and Harry are a couple who want to procreate and Meghan is probably anxious to get any anti-pregnancy chemicals out of her body.

Now that you know all of the things that Meghan will have to do if she wants to make a baby with her ginger prince, you may go on "baby watch" for the couple. Their wedding is bound to be a glamorous and exciting event which is filled with romance and special moments. You might not be there, but you can look forward to reading all about it on BabyGaga!

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