Meghan Markle Confirms Baby Archie’s Actual Hair Color

Meghan Markle confirms that little baby Archie most likely has red hair like his dad.

Ever since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their pregnancy people began to speculate about everything. People tried to guess the gender, her actual due date and were wondering how he would fit into the royal family. Ever since he was born there have been rumors about every aspect of his life even down to the natural color of his hair. Some people might be thinking, "who cares what his hair color is?" Other people might be thinking, "I just have to know!" Meghan Markle decided to stop the speculation and reveal that her son's hair color.

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As we all know, Prince Harry has red hair and Meghan has very dark hair. People were wondering who the little baby would take after. At the annual Wellchild Awards in central London, Meghan talked to some of Harry's relatives who live in Liverpool. She was talking to Angela, 50, and her daughter Milly,11.  Angela asked if the little boy was going to have red hair and Meghan said "yes." She said that he has little tufts of red hair growing in and that his eyebrows are red as well. Archie is still rather bald and so it won't be a while until the couple can tell how red his hair will be but they definitely already see some red tints to his existing fuzz.

Milly, 11, was there at the annual Wellchild Awards because she was being honored for being an amazing big sister. Milly's sister, Sophie, passed away last year after suffering from Aicardi Syndrome. She was being awarded the Most Caring Child Award. Milly was asked about her conversation with Meghan and Harry. People wanted to know how it went and she said, "boss."  Which we are assuming based on the pre-teen vernacular that the conversation went well.

Little red-headed babies are just the cutest and so we are excited to see the hair color of baby Archie. No matter what hair color he has though he is perfect and we have had a lot of fun watching the little guy grow up. He is very lucky to have two amazing parents who love him so much. We have also loved watching him with his cousins as well!

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