Meghan Markle Petitions Sister-In-Law Kate Middleton For Baby Tips

Dismissing any rumors of a feud, Meghan Markle has been seeking parenting advice from her sister in law, Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Sussex is expected to give birth this April so she is in that "it's getting real" third trimester and is preparing in any way she can.

Asking advice is so normal of any expectant mother and Kate is the perfect person to ask! She's given birth in the spotlight three times and looked fabulous doing it. Kate posed for photos about 24 hours after giving birth to each child so if she has anything to say about having a royal baby, Meghan should totally listen. Kate, of course, has three children with her husband Prince William.

Prince Harry, 34, has also found a mentor in his big brother. It's probably not the first time little brother has asked his big brother William for advice but the brothers have of course been discussing fatherhood considering the new arrival.

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A palace insider spoke to US Weekly about the friendly relationship between the two couples. The two duchesses have been plagued with stories of their less than friendly relationship since last year but that time seems to be over. Or maybe it never even existed.

Though Kensington Palace has never commented on the relationship between the duchesses, the two ladies always seemed friendly enough during public appearances. It's hard to ignore how different these two women are which could be the main reason for the status of their relationship. It's normal for any pair of sisters-in-law to not be the best of friends. It's the reality of any family dynamic.

Meghan and Harry married in May 2018 with a lavish ceremony seen around the world. They will welcome their first child just before their first anniversary. Meghan's pregnancy has been very anticipated for fans of the royals. Both Harry and Meghan were open with their desires to start a family and they did it very quickly! We can't wait to see this baby and learn all the details!

Who did you ask for advice when you were expecting? What did you want to know? Let us know in the comments!

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