Meghan Markle Shares The Due Date Deets We've All Been Waiting For

Spring is coming!

All eyes are on the royal family these days - especially a certain mom-to-be who may or may not have recently given us a hint as to when we can expect the newest addition to the famous family to arrive - and it may be sooner than we think.

Meghan Markle, who married Prince Harry in May of last year, is set to give birth to a new prince or princess (and the Queen's ninth grandchild!) sometime this spring, but Buckingham Palace has remained 'mum' on the exact due date. Fortunately, for now, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be in great health and even better spirits. Just before the holidays, she was photographed looking positively glowing as she visited Royal Variety Charity's residential nursing and care home in Twickenham and was overheard saying how "good" she felt.

As the ongoing debate as to whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl rages on, some folks may have been too distracted to pick up on a recent hint that Markle dropped just days ago about just how close she is to delivery. While on one of her recent walkabouts, where she has been known to chat openly with fans about her pregnancy and life as a royal, an amateur photographer by the name of Karen Anvil got more than she bargained for when she got to speak with Markle face to face for a few moments. She was even able to snap a few photos of her and the rest of the royal family.

"Got the most beautiful photo today, I can’t wait to show you all. I even got to speak to Meghan about the baby!" she tweeted on Christmas Day. The very next day, she shared the photos she took as well as her brief conversation with Markle herself. According to Anvil, Markle told her that "we're nearly there," after she asked her if she was excited about the baby.


Anvil, 40, is no stranger to headlines herself. Last year, after she snapped a photo of the royals leaving church on Christmas Day, it was picked up by numerous outlets and sold to the media in almost 50 countries around the world. It even caused her to take on an agent.

A mother herself, Anvil appreciated the moment she had with the Duchess, however fleeting. She added that it was "especially lovely" to talk to Markle "as one mother to another."

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