Meghan Markle Was Interested In These Hypoallergenic Baby Products

At this moment on the royalty news hotline, all eyes and ears are focused on the third baby to be delivered by the Duchess of Cambridge. But just under the radar, are two future juicy items, namely the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, as well as speculation over them starting a family.

Wisely, William and Kate's in-laws aren't trying to steal their thunder. That job belongs to all those royal watchers out there and the media wags covering that beat. And what they're reporting these days is that Markle has all things hypoallergenic on the brain.

The rumors stated innocently enough on Friday, when Harry and Meghan paid a visit to a science park in Northern Ireland, when they ran into a mom-and-pop display of hypoallergenic baby products. They started chatting with Sinead and Adam Murphy, an entrepreneurial couple who sell the products available at the Shnuggle company they run. That's when Meghan started hinting that she and Harry will need those items down the road.

The couple liked a Moses blanket and a changing mat that were showcased in the display. However, they were particularly taken by a bath product that allows the youngster to be washed from a sitting position, as it includes an ergonomic, non-slip bump to prevent the tyke from sliding further down in the water.


Their interest in the displays are increasing excitement of more babies on the way from the monarchy lineage, which isn't really a secret given that both Harry and Meghan really love kids.

Harry has reportedly bonded quite well with his famous brother's two children, and likely can't wait to introduce himself to the third one later in March. His philanthropy is also renowned for focusing on youngsters, namely his involvement in such charities as UNICEF, Free the Children, and WellChild. For her part, in 2016, Markle was a global ambassador for children's charity, World Vision, which included a trip to Rwanda.

The baby watch derby is likely to get its stroller wheels set in motion after May 19, when Price Harry and Meghan are slated to get hitched at Windsor Castle. So far, more than 600 invitations have been sent out.


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