Meghan Markle Keeps Kate Middleton Company During Pregnancy

Meghan Markle has been keeping Kate Middleton company during her pregnancy, as the two woman who are about to be sister-in-laws get to know each other better.

The Duchess of Cambridge is preparing to welcome her third child with Prince William and the Suits alum is busy planning her wedding to Prince Harry. However, despite their busy schedules the two ladies are taking time for each other, especially as Middleton nears the end of her pregnancy.

Entertainment Tonight is reporting Middleton has made it a priority to help Markle adjust to royal life. She is after all an expert at handling the demands of marrying a prince. Seriously could there be a better choice than the soon to be mother of three, who has made adjusting to life as a royal appear seamless.

“Kate has been doing whatever she can to help Meghan adjust to life behind Palace walls. Of course with two little ones, and a third on the way, Kate has her hands full, but she’s been guiding Meghan on Palace protocol and supporting her," an unnamed source revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

Markle has been doing her part as well to strengthen the bond between the two ladies. She often cooks treats for her future sister-in-law, as well as soon to be her niece and nephew.

"Meghan has also turned to Kate to keep her company as she has less flexibility roaming around freely since joining life as a future member of the Royal Family. Meghan is adapting to a life without her social media accounts, under the constant scrutiny of the paparazzi, with help from Kate," the source shared with ET.

Despite the growing bond between Meghan Markle and pregnant Kate Middleton, don’t look for the later to play a big part in the Royal Wedding. Although the former actress is breaking with some royal traditions, Middleton’s role will likely be to help out with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Both kids are expected to be part of their uncle’s wedding. Plus, the Duchess of Cambridge will also be dealing with a newborn at the time of the nuptials.

The friendship between Middleton and Markle is growing, even though rumors have indicating the two women do not get along.

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