Meghan Markle Is Out Of The Public Eye To Prepare Body For Birth

Mother to be and Duchess Meghan Markle is preparing herself for birth. She has retreated to a place of zen; a private space that's mindful of harmony and repose to allow nature to take its course. A place in her spirit that's calm so that the chaos of the outside world is put on pause.


As oxytocin is a shy hormone, it requires an optimal environment for the body to produce opportune amounts, which substantiates Markle’s liberation from the public eye. The more oxytocin produced the more successful the birth- which plays a vital role in labor. The notorious "love hormone" is associated with feelings of bonding and motherhood; as is another hormone released during labor called prolactin. Oxytocin levels rise at the onset of labor, creating regular contractions of the womb and abdominal muscles. Graves also points out that when a woman's body is under stress and strain, she will produce catecholamines. Not only could this impede the birth process, but it may also prevent labor altogether.

Markle’s natural path for delivery is not limited to facilitating the birthing process. Her mindful choices will inspire what is induced after birth- notably, bonding. If Markle progresses with her holistic practices, it's possible that she'll observe the fourth trimester. This starts from the moment the baby is born until it's three months old. This unique trimester represents the mental and physical strides baby takes during this time. It's a critical period of development, not unlike in the womb.


As the baby leaves the comfort of a warm, dark and quiet womb to a noisy, bright and often cold environment- it’s a metamorphosis, and Markle is preparing for just that. Graves predicts that Markle will keep baby close to her through so-called "babywearing", bed sharing and breastfeeding, thus mimicking the baby's life in utero. They're all monumental practices for a newborn in terms of both brain development and confidence.

Graves has some very nectarous advice for Markle.

“Kissing, cuddling, staying around familiarity at home, with close family and friends, laughing at silly movies and staying away from adrenaline-inducing activities such as the media spotlight and social media, allows for the body to stay calm, relaxed and for her birth hormones to flourish.”

It’s a good thing Markle is doing precisely that. We wish her a very healthy and joyful delivery of her first child! 


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