Meghan Markle Reportedly​ Won’t Have Baby No. 2 Until 2021

Royal experts claim that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will not be having another baby until 2021. So, don't expect another pregnancy announcement anytime soon.

Celebrities sometimes have a tough time when it comes to pregnancy. When they are not pregnant, people are constantly looking for signs that they are pregnant. Paparazzi will take pictures of women every time that they are wearing a tight outfit and they zoom up on their stomachs in hopes to see a baby bump. People have even started rumors of Kate Middleton being pregnant because she was shown holding her clutch in front of her stomach. After women get pregnant and have their baby, people start to speculate when they will be having their next child. Meghan Markle apparently decided to stop the rumors before they start and reportedly said she would not be having another child until 2021.

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The royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have just barely given birth to their first baby. Their son Archie is 2-months-old and he was born in May. We were all excited to see the little baby and see them become parents. Harry said when he became a father he realized how much of an example he was to his son. He shared that his mother passed away about 20 years ago and she is still an example to those who knew her.  He knows that as the Prince, and as a father, people are always watching him, especially his son. Even though the royal couple has just had a baby, people are already wondering if there have another baby on the way. One person even commented that there would be another baby announcement coming soon. Hold your horses people!

People heard the rumors about Meghan Markle already being pregnant again. People asked Kate if the rumors were true. She said that it was way too early to suggest that they are pregnant again. She did admit that the couple wanted siblings for Archie, but we shouldn't be expecting another announcement until at least a year from now. Royal experts are saying that the couple isn't planning on another baby for at least two years. So, if you have been waiting for the couple to announce another baby you might be waiting until 2021.

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