Meghan Markle Takes Baby Archie To His First Polo Match And Shares A Sweet Picture

Meghan Markle takes baby Archie to his first polo match to support his daddy!

The royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, welcomed their first child in May. The couple has let us in on their journey as parents and they are continually sharing pictures of their son. They have loved every minute of being Archie's parents and the little guy doesn't know how lucky he is to have two wonderful parents who love him so much. Recently, Prince Harry shared how important it was to be a great example for his son because Archie will always be watching his dad. Harry even talked about his mother, Princess Diana, and how she was always an example to those around her. Even though she has been gone for about 20 years she is still an example to people around the world. He shared that sometimes people don't know how much of an example they are and if they did then people would be nicer and kinder.

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We have loved watching both Harry and Meghan become parents and we have enjoyed all of the pictures that they have shared to their Instagram. Archie sure is a cute kid! Recently Meghan Markle took Archie to his first polo match and paparazzi got some adorable pictures of her cradling her sweet little baby boy.

The caption of the post stated, "SURPRISE!!!! Look who made a surprise appearance to support Papa Harry today at his polo match." Little sweet Archie was there to cheer on his dad during his match. Meghan was shown carrying him in different positions throughout the day and of course, because she is a mom and she is holding a baby, all of the sancti-moms came out of their corners and started bashing her for the way she was holding her child! Why can't we just support her for taking the little guy out in public by herself? One commenter stood up for Markle by saying, "women support other women. Stop bullying her for only being a mum, a great one I'm sure." Another woman said that she has held her kids in almost every position. As long as the kid is comfortable then it shouldn't matter.

One of the pictures that were shared on Meghan Markle's Instagram is simply adorable. She is cradling her son and giving him a sweet kiss on the forehead. What an adorable and precious little moment! We are not sure how people can mom-shame this woman. She is just trying to do her best and be the best mom to her beautiful little baby boy!

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