Odds Have It That Meghan Markle Will Not Have A Baby In 2018

People will bet on just about anything - even the odds of the newest member of English Royalty, Meghan Markle, becoming a mother in 2018.

The royal wedding, which took place on May 19th of this year, has garnered media attention across the globe. In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 29 million people watched Meghan Markle and Prince Harry exchange their vows.

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As soon as the wedding was over, bets started coming in to as to whether or not Markle would give birth to a royal heir in 2018. Some gamblers, after watching footage of the wedding closely, have surmised that the bride is already pregnant.

Bookmakers Betfair has been accepting bets on whether the couple will give birth to their first baby this year. With only seven and a half months left, that would mean that the Duchess would already be with child.

Pre-wedding, the odds of a royal baby this year were at 33/1 but have dropped to 3/1. Some news outlets are citing the fact that Prince Harry leaned closely to Markle during the ceremony and made her blush, as the Dean of Windsor, who performed the ceremony, was talking of "family life".

The betting has expanded not only to the year that the first baby between the Duke and Duchess will be born, but also as to what the name would be. The favorites so far are Alice, Victoria, and Diana for a girl. For a boy, Harry, Arthur, and Henry.


Markle's wedding dress for the ceremony was snug around the mid-section but many women do not begin to show with their first pregnancy until weeks 12-16. There is a decent chance that if Markle is pregnant already, it would not be obvious at this point in time.

If, and when, Markle and Prince Harry do have a child, it will be the eighth great-grandchild for Queen Elizabeth II.

Zara Tindall, the queen's oldest granddaughter, is expecting a child this summer. She and husband Mike Tindall, already have a daughter, Mia, age 3.

Peter Phillips, grandchild of the queen as well, and his wife Autumn Kelly have two children; Savanna age 7, and Isla age 5.

Prince William, who is grandson of the queen, and his bride Duchess Kate have three children; Prince George age 4, Princess Charlotte age 2, and Prince Louis who was born earlier this year.

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