Meghan Markle's Collection Of Maternity Wear Is Worth $500,000

Meghan Markle, who is expected to give birth sometime next month, announced her pregnancy last October. Since then, she has shown off 75 amazing maternity outfits, which according to the fashion site Love the Sales, total a heart-stopping £478,920, or about $632,000 —more than seven times what Meghan’s sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, spent on her pregnancy wardrobe. The site, however, doesn’t specify which of Kate’s pregnancies they’re referring to.

Despite, some hefty price tags, not all of Meghan’s outfits were equally expensive. The most high-priced design was a $13,200 bespoke Oscar de la Renta dress covered in laser-cut birds that she appropriately wore to the Geographic Society Awards in October. The Duchess paired the dress with a pair of $640 black bow heels by Aquazzura.

On the other end of the spectrum, there was a knit H&M maternity dress that she wore in January and cost just $35. The dress, which sold out in just 24 hours, ended up being sold on eBay for as much as six times the original price.

H&M wasn’t the only fast fashion retailer to profit from the “Meghan Maternity Effect” during her pregnancy. Online searches for Markle’s Veja V-10 sneakers rose over 300 percent after Meghan wore the $150 shoes last October. In addition, online searches for Australian designer Karen Gee increased over 5,800 percent after the Duchess sported the brand’s Blessed dress after announcing her pregnancy, and Outland Denim‘s sales spiked over 2,300 percent due to Meghan’s sartorial support.

UK citizens can breathe easy though. British taxpayers aren’t expected to pay for Meghan’s maternity clothes. For the time being, her wardrobe is covered by Prince Charles, who also pays for the clothes worn by him and Camila, as well as William, Kate and Harry.

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The official household budget, which is used to pay for clothing, comes from the Duchy of Cornwall estate, a private fund from that Prince Charles uses to cover the three households. According to the Royal Family, Edward III created the estate in 1337 in order to secure income for his son and heir, as well as future heirs to the throne. The estate is managed by Prince Charles, but one day, the Duchy of Cornwall will pass to William.

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