Meghan Markle's Iconic White Post-Pregnancy Dress Has A Secret Meaning

If you didn't know that the royal couple delivered than we're not quite sure where you've been. The royal birth has been the biggest piece of baby news in the past couple of months. Recently the couple officially introduced their son Archie Harrison to the world. They made their debut at the St. George's Hall at Windsor Castle. It was the first time the family had been seen together and the pictures instantly went viral.

Meghan Markle's outfit on her first outing started quite the debate. When Kate Middleton revealed her children for the first time she wore loose-fitting clothing and tried to hide her post-pregnancy body as best she could (which is something most women do). Instead of hiding her post-partum body, Markle flaunted her body. She wore a white high waisted dress that showed off all of her temporary new post-baby curves.

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As always, people like being bullies and troll others, many mocked the outfit choice and commented that she "still looked pregnant." Clearly, none of these haters have ever been pregnant before, because then they'd know what bodies look like after carrying a child for 9 months! Oh and then pushing that baby out of their bodies!! Heck, we're just impressed she left the house after giving birth. Most of us rocked sweats for 6 weeks. Oh, and can we also mention how amazingly confident she is for be wearing white? You guys, she just gave birth! She is so awesome.


Markle also had quite the attachment to this dress. Her dress was designed by British designer Grace Wales Bonner. Bonner is a woman who has an English mother and a Jamaican father. Vogue states that Bonner "often uses her work to open up thought-provoking conversations around representation, gender politics, and black male identity."

Thankfully the majority of the fans loved her dress and one even wrote about how amazing Megan was for "rocking her post-pregnancy bump!" Another commenter thanked her for doing "womankind a favor" for showing the world what a woman's body looks like after giving birth. Women were strengthened by hey message to wait two days to debut her baby and to do it while wearing a dress that showed the reality of what mom's look like after delivering. Women are bombarded with too many horrifying pressures to "bounce back" but that's just not healthy! Women's bodies go through a lot through pregnancy and delivery and it's time to start letting women feel confident in their bodies no matter their stage in their post-pregnancy journey

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