Meghan Markle Will Introduce Her Own Unique Brand Of Parenting

Meghan Markle will approach parenting with a devotion that is - au naturel and as a mother she will suitably, be anything but insipid. The Duchess of Sussex, most notable for her formidable flair, will embrace a parenting style that veers from the prototypical. Meghan and Prince Harry  who are already doing things their own way, will continue to do so - and the world will be watching with both regard and wonder.

Although they do heed most British Royal Family customs, Meghan and Prince Harry have intrinsically taken a different approach to their lives - one necessitating a deliberate level of normalcy. They have openly shared their proposed genre of parenting, along with their desire to have children and the anticipation has been phenomenal. The preeminent style they discuss is modern, sensible and organically - loving.

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Beyond a doubt, Meghan will be faithful to natural living. Indicative of her holistic birth choices, the Duchess will perpetually harmonize a mindful lifestyle for herself as well as her baby. Eco-friendly vegan paint will be used in the nursery, which will boast a monochrome palette of white and grays. Gender specific hues will not be integrated in the ultra-modern design.

Meghan, a California native, has always prioritized a healthy lifestyle throughout her pregnancy - indicative of living clean. A source shared with People, “She’s being mindful of what she puts in her body and on her skin and even her at-home cleaning supplies.” “She’s hyper-aware of what she’s using. She’s looking for natural things.” Meghan will extend her pure choices to her baby by making her own baby food - fresh, wholesome and organic.

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Gender equality is monumental to Meghan and Prince Harry, with respect to their choices for baby Sussex. According to Vogue, during a panel for International Women’s Day, she joked that she felt “the embryonic kicking of feminism.” Meghan also expressed that she and Harry plan to raise their child with a fluid approach to gender. It would be a very progressive trend and will certainly be a royal first.

There is a buzz circulating that Meghan and Harry may consider a male nanny or a ‘manny'.  A source revealed to The Sun, “Hiring a ‘manny’ is far more common in the U.S. —a nation that Meghan is more in tune with — than in the U.K. She’s keen to introduce the royal family to what she considers a more enlightened, modern American.” Another reported requirement? That the manny or nanny must be bilingual. (Meghan speaks Spanish and is also picking up French.)

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Whatever conscious choices the royal couple will make, intrinsically Meghan and Prince Harry will be absolute naturals at parenting. Their demonstrative nurturing and loving personas have always been evident to the world - and in their hearts, being parents is something that they have equally coveted.


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