Mercedes Javid Opens Up About Her Pregnancy After Going Through IVF

Mercedez "MJ" Javid is going to ignore the haters and enjoy her pregnancy!


Shahs of Sunset's star Mercedes "MJ" Javid is about 9 months pregnant with her beautiful miracle IVF baby. She is so excited to be pregnant with her baby and she claims that she has had to deal with mom-shaming during her pregnancy, but that won't stop her from enjoying being a mom. She is very excited to be able to welcome her beautiful baby in a few weeks no matter how many times people want to knock her down. Most of the mom-shaming is from followers claiming that she is "faking" the pregnancy. She has been told on several occasions that she doesn't look pregnant, because she isn't swollen and her baby bump "isn't big enough." She has also heard that she is just "making the pregnancy up for attention."

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Of course these false accusations hurt her feelings, because she was hoping that her fans would just be happy for her in this beautiful journey. This was a difficult baby to conceive and so she was hoping for support instead of hate. The couple is going to be expecting their first son and he was conceived using IVF. In order for the embryo transfer to be successful she had to undergo shots and medications for about a month prior to the transfer. She did a lot for this baby and is sad that people can't just be happy for her and her husband.

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Javid refuses to let them ruin her experience in this pregnancy. She is so excited to be able to have a son and she has been happy to have such a healthy pregnancy. She underwent the transfer in August and it was a lot of stress on her body. Not only was she dealing with infertility treatments, but around the same time Javid's father passed away She said that it was an extremely difficult time. She feels very blessed to be in the situation she is right now.

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Sadly, mom shaming is a real thing. Most all moms have to deal with some sort of shaming and harassing from other parents. There is nothing off-limits when it comes to mom-shaming and that includes the size of baby bumps. Moms will make fun of a woman who's belly is too big and so it's no surprise that they would also make fun of a mom who's belly is "too small." MJ, just ignore the haters! You enjoy your pregnancy! Good luck with everything and you are beautiful!

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