Mermaid-Inspired Names Are More Popular Than Ever

It looks like many people are getting excited for The Little Mermaid reboot, as mermaid-inspired names are currently trending.

According to baby name website Nameberry, ocean-inspired names have become all the rage this past year. Of course, Ariel is bigger than ever, especially since Halle Bailey has been cast to play the popular Disney princess in the live-action remake. But other oceanic names are also having a moment. Nameberry says monikers like Coralia and Pearl have also become popular choices recently.

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Clearly, people are excited about the reboot, so it better perform well at the box office! Since it was announced that the movie would be coming back to the big screen, mermaid toys, games, clothes, and accessories have been lining store shelves (and also selling like crazy).

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If you’re a fan of The Little Mermaid or just like mermaid things in general, then perhaps now is the perfect time to your little one a name that would be perfect both on land and in water. Here are some beautiful options:

  • Adella: Though this name doesn’t sound oceanic, Adella is actually one of Ariel’s older sisters. This feminine name is a variation of Adele, which means ‘nobility.’ That’s perfect for a little princess!
  • Alana: This is another name of one of Ariel’s sisters. This darling name means ‘cheerful’ or ‘handsome.’
  • Delphine: This name sounds like 'dolphin', and where there are mermaids there have to be dolphins! This is literally the French word for dolphins, too.
  • Shell: This pretty name is obviously inspired by seashells. It’s cute on its own or as a nickname for the names like Richelle or Shelby.
  • Meri: This is another innocuous name that doesn’t automatically remind you of the ocean. However, Meri is Finnish for ‘the sea.’
  • Triton: This masculine-sounding name refers to the triton that Ariel’s father famously wields. This would be a striking name for a baby boy.
  • Marceline: This sophisticated French name means ‘defender of the sea,’ so it’s an obvious choice for any sea-loving parents.
  • Nixie: This unique name actually refers to a water-dwelling spirit, so it practically means ‘mermaid.’

Have a look at this article if you want more mermaid-inspired names. We’re absolutely in love with this baby name trend and can’t wait to hear about all the beautiful oceanic names parents decide on for their children.

Will you be jumping on this trend? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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