Coming Clean About The Messy Bits Of Cloth Diapering

I'll admit it, I'm a bit of a cloth diaper geek. Since my son was a baby, I've been using cloth diapers and washing them at home. I learned so much about the proper processes to launder cloth diapers, Fluff Love University asked me to be a Peer Advisor on their troubleshooting page on Facebook! Along the way, I also got involved with a cloth diaper non-profit. In the last (almost) three years, I've cleaned and sanitized about 2,000 cloth diapers. All that to say: I've earned my stripes as a cloth diapering mom. Inevitably, your kid is going to poop. Let's be real, people! These are really cute, colorful poop catchers. So what are you supposed to do with that number two?

Who is dealing with the poop? Via YouTube

To cover a few basics: you can use cloth wipes or disposable, whichever you prefer. When you use cloth regularly, it's best to have a dedicated cloth diaper pail for storing the soiled diapers between washes. I personally use a pail liner to make washing easier. I also have a hanging wetbag in my bathroom. All wet diapers go right into the wetbag, and dirty diapers get dealt with...well, like this:

Use A Liner On Your Cloth Diaper

First, I can't recommend enough using a liner on your cloth diaper. No, it's not necessary. It just makes the whole poop ordeal so much easier to deal with! This method also allows you to use any cream or topical treatment you want without worrying about impacting fabric absorption. Word to the wise: no wipe that says it's "flushable" really is - so don't flush anything but waste itself! Once your kid makes a stinky diaper, just lift the liner and remove the poo. If you're lucky, it will all come out on the liner!

Always Flush Your Baby's Poop

Whatever you do, make sure that poop ends up in the toilet! Via YouTube

If the poop can be removed from any liner and flushed, do that. Always make sure poop ends up down your toilet! Here's why: no other drain pipe in your house is equipped to have a forceful enough flow to really move poop out of the home's system. If you spray your diapers in the tub, not only are you splattering your bathing service with fecal particles, you're also putting poop down a drain that can't drain it. So when your shower drain starts backing up, you won't just be pulling wads of *hair* out of it.

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The Dunk And Swish Method For Getting Rid of Chunks

Glove up or not - this method is hardcore. It's also the most straightforward to get poop into the toilet and to get diapers pretty darn clean. As a general note: you want to remove enough poop that it's just "skidmarks" left behind. Anything more than a "skidmark" needs to be removed before washing. This inelegant but effective method has two steps: Dunk the diaper in the toilet. Swish it around in the water. I've found it effective to rub the diaper against the toilet or against itself. To finish, some flush the toilet so the force of the water can move remaining waste.  Wring it out, toss it into your diaper pail or wet bag until wash day.

Use A Spatula For Scraping Poop

It will forever be the poop spatula, no matter how much you try to wash it. Via Lises Log Cabin Life

Are you weirded out yet? It gets better. Did you ever hear about the poop knife one family had? Well, my family has a poop spatula. Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like. I use a spatula to remove particularly stubborn poops. Sometimes I even use the spatula with the dunk and swish method to achieve maximum effectiveness. Just...make sure it only gets used for this purpose.

Install A Diaper Sprayer On Your Toilet

If you can't handle the elbow-deep commitment of the dunk and swish method, maybe the diaper sprayer is the better option for you! Imagine installing a sink sprayer head on your toilet - this way, you can use a bit of water pressure to help loosen up sticky things. Spraying into the toilet helps keep everything contained so you can easily flush the poop away! Make sure you check for leaks and turn it off when you're not using it.

How To Deal With Poop On-The-Go

It's easy to contain the poop when you're out and about. Via Mama Banana's Adventures

The above methods will have you covered when you're home and can deal with poop right away. But how do you handle a poopy diaper when you're at the grocery store or the mall? Well, I mean, obviously. You stick your hand in a public toilet and you swish that diaper around. KIDDING! Just roll the diaper up the same way you would with a disposable, and toss it into a travel-sized wetbag. When you get home, you can use any of the above methods to remove poop before tossing the whole thing in your diaper pail. Easy!

Cloth diapering in 2018 is so much more convenient than it was thirty years ago! And I'll tell you a secret: if you're a parent, you're going to deal with poop at some point. Even if your kid wears disposable diapers - you're going to be cleaning poop out of their clothes and maybe even their hair. So how do you handle the messy bits of cloth diapering? Just like you'd handle poop any other time: carefully.

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