Meteorologist Bullied For Size Of "Gross" Baby Bump

Becky Ditchfield, a meteorologist, has been receiving negative comments about her baby bump being "too big."


Hey NEWS FLASH people, when you get pregnant your belly often gets bigger. Do you want to know why? Because there is a baby growing inside! We know this seems like common knowledge, but for one meteorologist, some of her fans were a bit upset that her stomach was getting bigger when she became pregnant. In fact, she even received rude comments stating that her belly was too big for television.

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Becky Ditchfield, is a meteorologist for an NBC affiliate in Colorado. She is late into her pregnancy. Obviously as she has become more and more pregnant her belly has gotten bigger and bigger. The bigger she became, the more negative comments she started to receive. She said that many of the viewers didn't like that her belly was taking up the screen, and that her belly was "sticking out way too much.". Many people said that her belly was extremely distracting when they are trying to watch their television.

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These comments really hurt her feelings and she started saying that she didn't think she was bothering anybody by her pregnancy. She told Al Roker that she had been trying to find dresses that were really "flowy" so that they didn't stick to her skin and you wouldn't be able to see her stomach as much. She just wanted to feel confident on screen and with negative comments her emotional health has really struggled. She joked by telling Roker, "I want to thank my therapist for helping me get through this." All jokes aside though, NO WOMAN should ever feel ashamed of her belly bump when she is pregnant. Roker mentioned the double standard. He said that he used to be much bigger than Ditchfield and yet he barely ever received any negative comments about his weight. He was never told that he was taking up the screen. Which have been some of the comments Ditchfield has received.

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Although Ditchfiel said those comments hurt she was really happy about all of her fans who came to her defense. She said a lot of her fans started standing up for her and letting her know that she was amazing and beautiful! We just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and to ignore the haters! You rock that baby belly girl!

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