These Mexican Women Are Protesting Violence With Breastfeeding & Art

Women in Mexico are protesting against violence through breastfeeding in public and beautiful art creations. In a country where it’s so unsafe to be a woman, these activists’ bravery is truly inspiring. Through their advocacy, they hope to bring more awareness to the issue and mobilize groups to help end violence against women.

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world to be a woman. Feminicides and rape cases, unfortunately, are quite common in the country, and sometimes they are perpetrated by the police—the very people who are supposed to be protecting them. On average, 10 women are killed a day, and the perpetrators of this violence are not always held accountable; less than one in 10 murders are solved in Mexico. This issue needs to be under the spotlight, so Mexican women are doing their part.

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Graffiti is being used as a political tool in Mexico City. On the capital’s Angel of Independence monument, activists painted on its protective barriers. Other women crocheted purple and pink hearts to string up around the barricade to show their discontent with police violence. Among the graffiti put up, one read “Mexico is a rape state,” and another called the country a killer of women. These followed the August “glitter” protests, wherein activists dumped pink glitter on the police chief.

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Activists are also using breastfeeding to bring awareness to women’s rights. At the Museum of Modern Art, a woman was kicked out because she was breastfeeding. In protest, a group of activists went inside just to breastfeed. Their goal was to show that women should not be shamed for feeding their child. They shouldn’t have to be sent to the bathroom or somewhere secluded to nurse their children just because showing some breast is deemed disgusting.

All throughout the country, new forms of activism and protests for women’s rights are happening. Women are getting creative, and their work is paying off. More and more people are becoming aware of the violence and discrimination, so they have more allies on their side. Hopefully, the support gives these brave women the strength to keep fighting, for there are those who can’t fight as fiercely as they can.

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