Michael Phelps And Wife Are Celebrating Their Second Baby Shark

Michael Phelps And Wife Are Celebrating Their Second Baby Shark

Michael Phelps and wife Nicole are expecting their second baby shark.

And no, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that Phelps is actually an exotic shark breeder trying to keep the endangered species alive. It actually means he’s having another kid, which I’m sure some of you will find far more exciting.

Of course, this far along in the pregnancy means exactly one thing: baby showers. Michael and Nicole, both 32, celebrated their upcoming arrival with a baby shower last Sunday and took to Instagram to post photos of their baby bash.

“Thanks to those who came to celebrate today!! #babyshark,” wrote Phelps, hashtagging the nickname he’s been trying to coin ever since he fake-raced a great white shark on the Discovery channel. We get it, Michael, you’re a freakishly fast swimmer due to some bizarre genetics and a lifetime of effort.

Thanks to those who came to celebrate today!! #babyshark

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Nicole also posted her photos to Instagram, and also stuck by her man as he tries to make the whole shark nickname a thing. "Such an amazing day celebrating our #babyshark!!” Nicole wrote. “More photos to come... we are so thankful for everyone who was able to be with us and everyone who was with us in spirit❤️"


From the photos, we can tell that Nicole is set to pop almost any day now. We also saw that Phelps was wearing a pink shirt, which may just be our first clue as to whether it’s a boy or a girl the pair are expecting -- a fact not lost on quite a few Instagram users.

“Mike – please tell me your shirt ? = GIRL ? @m_phelps00,” one person wrote.

“Michael’s wearing a pink shirt! ????,” another user replied.

Speaking to US Weekly, Phelps opened up about how excited he is to be having his second child. “We are so stoked for the second baby,” Michael said last week. “Nicole and I didn’t know what to expect with No. 1. We’ve gone through it with one child and now it’s going to be the same; we really went through the process of learning how to care for a baby, so we feel a little more prepared, but also know that two is going to be very, very different.”

Like we said, Nicole is due any day, so expect some happy Phelps news soon.


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