This Michigan Couple Now Has Fourteen Boys

Having one baby is a trial. Having two is harder, but we get having a three or four - raising children is one of the biggest privileges life can offer. With their chubby cheeks, little toes, and shining personalities, there's nothing like being a parent. One Michigan couple liked parenthood so much, they've just welcomed their 14th child - which also happens to be their 14th son. What are the odds of that?

Posted by Jay Schwandt on Sunday, March 27, 2016


Jay and Kateri Schwandt went into hospital on Wednesday morning and were sent home in the afternoon, but it wasn't long before they were reaching for the hospital bag and heading straight back. The baby was born at 5.56pm, weighing 8Ibs 4oz. The Rockford couple both admit that this will be the last baby. However, Kateri confessed they also said the same thing after baby number 13. Throughout the pregnancy the Scwandt's chose not to find out the gender of the child, with Jay "pulling for a girl." Little Finley Sheboygan gained his middle name after his parents wanted to do some word play on "She's a boy again." That's pretty impressive.

"We've got all boys so it's what we're used to," 43-year-old Jay told People. "It would've been nice to have a girl, but we're super excited to have another boy. Some of the boys were hoping for a little sister, and some were rooting for another brother. I was pulling for a girl." The proud dad went on to say that as the couple are both now in their 40's, they believe that their baby-making days are behind them. They made the most of this last pregnancy and all of the excitement that goes along with it. Jay, an entrepreneur, lives on the outskirts of Rockford and owns several acres of land along with his wife, who is a stay-at-home mom. Baby Finley is the youngest of 13 brothers - Tyler, 25, Zach, 22, Drew, 21, Brandon, 19, Tommy, 16, Vinny, 15, Calvin, 12, Gabe, 11, Wesley, 9, Charlie, 8, Luke, 6, Tucker, 4 and 2-year-old Francisco.


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