Mila Kunis & 19 Other Celeb Parents Who Rarely (If Ever) Let Fans See Their Babies

Celebrities might be pretty normal people in a lot of ways, but it's true that they do live their lives in the spotlight. However, even the most open and out-there stars sometimes change their minds about fame once they start growing their families.

Having a child is a huge step in anyone's life, and it can be even trickier for celebrities whose every move is followed by paparazzi and hordes of fans. And although fans are eager to see pics of their kiddos, even clamoring for just a glimpse, tons of celebs have drawn the line when it comes to letting the world spectate their children's lives.

Whether they've intentionally kept their kiddos' names out of headlines (some celebs haven't even confirmed their children's names at all!) or they opted for anonymity after having one too many run-ins with the paps, these celebs are just trying to have a normal life with their children.

Not every celeb is a selfie-snapping Kardashian or a world-traveling Carter; some just like to live simply and try and maintain their privacy. Whether it's suing tabloids to keep their kids' names out of the press or just staying in to avoid the cameras, here are 20 celebs who rarely, if ever, share their kiddos with fans.

20 Cardi B Is Careful About Sharing Kulture


Cardi B might live her life all out-there and in-your-face, but when it comes to her daughter Kulture, she's way more reserved. Her first taste of motherhood left her questioning everything she knew, and as she's shared in multiple interviews, she had no idea how much becoming a mom would change her.

After Kulture was born, Cardi dropped out of a tour with Bruno Bars to stay home with her tot. And although she faked everyone out at the 2018 MTV VMAs with a blanketed bundle that turned out not to be her new baby, she has since shared a select few snaps of the baby on IG. But most of the time, it's frustratingly cropped shots of mom and dad with very little Kulture!

19 Justin And Jessica Are Choosy About Social Media Snaps


Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake do share some photos of their son Silas, who was born in 2015, but they are one of the choosier couples in Hollywood when it comes to sharing about their lives. And with good reason; the two have caught heat in the past for some of their parenting decisions, so it's understandable that they'd want to keep Silas squirreled away from prying eyes.

But the family has given us enough glimpses of Silas to see how he's grown over the years, from a bald little guy to a curly-headed tot to the now more closely-shorn preschooler who's an adorable mix of both mom and dad.

18 America Ferrera Hasn't Let A Full Pic Slip

Daily Mail

Like her Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star, America Ferrera likes to keep her baby under wraps. The star married Ryan Piers Williams in 2011, and they shared a series of fun baby shower snaps leading up to the birth of their bouncing baby boy. In 2018, the pair welcomed their son Sebastian, who the star has lovingly nicknamed Baz.

And while America did announce the news herself on social media, since his birth, we've only seen severely cropped snaps of Baz' chunky thighs, his hand, the back of his hat-topped head, and images of his mom nursing him with a giant emoji smack-dab in the middle of his face. Seriously, share the cuteness!

17 Leighton Meester Only Gets Snapped By Paps


Leighton Meester threw fans for a loop when it was announced that she had given birth to a child. Not only that, but the unconventional name choice (Arlo, for a daughter) also made some headlines! And while Leighton has given select interviews about her experiences as a mom, she's not as forthcoming with images of the towheaded toddler.

Arlo was born in 2015, but to date, all we have are fairly grainy images taken from afar by lurking paparazzi. Of course, it's not surprising, as Leighton did manage to keep her relationship with (and marriage to) former co-star Adam Brody on the down low for a long time, too!

16 Mila And Ashton Like Living A Private Life


That '70s Show fans all over the world were stoked when Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher confirmed their relationship back in 2012. They were even more thrilled when Mila had their first child, a daughter named Wyatt, in 2014. Then came son Dimitri in 2016, the year after Mila and Ashton got married.

And while we've seen a few glimpses of the Kutcher kids here and there, Mila and Ashton don't share photos on social media and often try to hide their kids' faces when they go out. Of course, avoiding red carpets has seemed to do wonders for the fam, who tend to be snapped by the paps doing average things like going out to eat or running errands.

15 Adele Has No Patience For Photogs

Growing Your Baby

Honestly, it was a couple of years after Adele welcomed her son, Angelo, that I even knew she had a child! People says that following Angelo's birth in 2012, Adele became a stay-at-home mother to her little guy. But although she's clearly a doting mama both behind closed doors and in public, Adele's a bit camera shy when it comes to her boy.

Of course, having a ton of photographers snapping their flashes in your face can't be fun for an adult, let alone a toddler, and it seems Adele sort of learned her lesson from this photo. Even though Angelo is far beyond being a toddler these days, there are very few images of him to go around.

14 Eva Mendes Shares Nothing With Fans

Closer Weekly

Eva Mendes and her hubby Ryan Gosling (the two have been together since 2011) are some of the most private celeb parents ever. They welcomed their first daughter in 2014 and a second daughter in 2016, and they have never once shared an image of either child with the media!

The girls' names are Esmeralda and Amada, but that's about all we know about them. Of course, the paparazzi are known to sneak a few shots here and there, such as this image from the family's adventures at Disneyland, but from the other images they snagged, it's easy to see Eva's not impressed with the photogs. But who knows, maybe as her kids get older, she'll open up to the idea of letting fans see them.

13 Alexis Bledel Hid Her Baby Altogether


Yes, that's Alexis Bledel, and yes, she's kneeling by a baby stroller that holds her baby. Are you as surprised as we were?! Alexis married her current hubby, Vincent Kartheiser, in 2014, and multiple media outlets have confirmed that the two welcomed a son in 2015. The catch was that it wasn't announced until the following year when the baby was already at least six months old!

And to date, no one has managed to capture a shot of Alexis' baby! There's not even any confirmation on her child's name, despite Alexis having given some interviews and comments on motherhood. Of course, she may have inspired fellow Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actress America Ferrera's moves as far as keeping her baby under wraps, too.

12 Blake Lively Prefers Flying Under The Radar

Daily Mail

The amazing Blake Lively and her adorable hubby Ryan Reynolds might take to social media to razz each other often, but what fans won't see is snaps of the pair's children. In fact, from Blake's sparsely populated IG account, you might not even know she had kids in the first place!

But Ryan and Blake are the proud parents of two daughters, James and Inez, born in 2014 and 2016, respectively. And sure, the pair have brought their kiddos to red carpet events (namely, one red carpet event), but otherwise, they keep these children under wraps. Thus, we have this sneaky photog snap of Blake and her daughter James on set while Blake was working.

11 Isla Fisher Keeps Her Kids Under Wraps

LA Celebs

Isla Fisher and her husband Sacha Baron Cohen are so good at keeping their kids' images out of the media that it's tough to track down their names or birth dates. But Hello Magazine reports that the third child and only son, Montgomery, was born in 2015. His older sisters, Elula and Olive, were born sometime in 2011 and 2007, respectively.

Isla has spoken about motherhood in interviews, but she's kept mum about anything beyond how much family time is sacred for her. The family follows many Jewish traditions at home, and Isla makes it clear that her private family time is just that.

10 George And Amal Don't Broadcast Their Twins

Page Six

When renowned bachelor George Clooney met the fabulous human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, fans were thrilled to see sparks fly. Who knew the perpetually playing-the-field Clooney would get married? And then? The couple had twins! Fans everywhere swooned, but then we were a bit disappointed.

George and Amal have never shared much about their adorable babies, Ella and Alexander, who were born in 2017. The only images we've seen are paparazzi snaps from afar, although this one is probably one of the best! Who knows whether Amal intended for the paps to snap her and her sweet twins, but we'll take it!

9 Vince Vaughn Has Disappeared Since Having Kids

Daily Mail

He may not have been our favorite bachelor, but he was definitely a notable one. These days, though, Vince Vaughn is married to Kyla Weber (since 2010) and has two children! Daughter Lochlyn was born in 2010 and son Vernon arrived in 2013, but apart from some red carpet snaps, there's not much publicity surrounding the kiddos.

And while Vince is no doubt a proud papa, he doesn't ever seem thrilled when the paps snap him doing his daddy duties. Seriously, though, his kids are adorbs, but we get why he'd want to keep them out of the spotlight. After all, Kyla's a realtor who probably doesn't want to be living under a microscope!

8 Anne Hathaway Hides Her Boy Away

Celebs First

Anne Hathaway is another celeb that fans might be surprised to find out is actually a mama! She married her hubby Adam Shulman in 2012, and they welcomed their son Jonathan in 2016. But beyond that, we know nothing!

Well, not nothing, as you can see that the paps grabbed a great snap of Anne's adorable little boy. But Anne is not very open about her family life, instead preferring to keep her guy out of the spotlight. With all her humanitarian work and jet-setting, it's easy to forget that this leading lady is even a mom! Besides, after all the drama with her ex Raffaello Follieri (IRS issues!), she's probably loving living under the radar.

7 Eddie Redmayne Very Occasionally Steps Out

Addicted to Eddie

Everyone who saw Eddie in Fantastic Beasts loves him, but probably not as much as his wifey! Eddie has been married to his childhood friend Hannah Bagshawe since 2014, and the two shared the sweet story of how friendship turned into something more. But what they don't share is their kiddos, of which they have two!

At a perfunctory glance, it doesn't appear that either has any social media accounts, and it's tough to find an image of either of their kiddos, who were born in 2016 (a daughter) and 2018 (a son). An online search suggests their names are Iris and Luke, respectively, but that's all we know!

6 Zoe Saldana Surprised Us All With Her Toddlers' Debut

Lipstick Alley

Forgive the dated photo, but here's proof that Zoe Saldana keeps her family life tightly under wraps! The star has three—yes, three!—sons with her hubby Marco Perego-Saldana (the two married in 2013). In the image here, they're each carrying a twin, boys born in 2014. Their third child is another son who arrived in 2017.

Zoe shares very few images of her boys online, and when she does, it's either of their backs or with their faces covered by emojis, but we've already seen how adorable they are! And what's the most aw-inducing is that Bowie and Cy (the twins) and Zen seem to be modeling their luxurious locks after dad's rockin' do.

5 Zach Galifianakis Hid His Wifey From Us, Too


Who here knew that Zach Galifianakis was married?! I definitely didn't, and I also wasn't aware that he had two adorable children. But it's true: Zach married his wife Quinn Lundberg in 2012. They welcomed their first child in 2013 and their second in 2016 — both boys. The older child's name has never been revealed, with Zach only cracking jokes about it in interviews, saying they won't reveal it until the child turns 16.

The younger kiddo's name is apparently Rufus, but we're not quite sure that's for real, either. Still, jokes aside, Zach seems like a great dad, and clearly, his wife agrees.

4 Rachel Bilson Avoids All The Celeb Buzz


Unlike the rest of these selfish celebs, Rachel Bilson at least shares some snaps of her adorable daughter Briar Rose Christensen on social media. But... Rachel doesn't share her tot's face. In all our IG scrolling, there was a singular image of Briar, and it's just of her sweet outfit and a nice waterfront view.

We can't blame Rachel, because, after all, fame can wreak havoc on a child's life. But from the adorable images of Briar as a baby on her mom's hip, we're sure the little girl, who was born in 2014, is growing up just as gorgeous as her mama.

3 Owen Wilson Dropped Off After His Third Kiddo

Celeb Baby Laundry

While Owen Wilson used to be spotted with his kids quite often, he's not really the type to share much online. Of course, when Robert, pictured here, and younger bro Finn were only knee-high, Owen often took them out and they were all snapped by the paps.

These days, though, with news of Owen's third child (a daughter born to previous paramour Varunie Vongsvirates), he's sort of dropped off the face of the planet in terms of appearances with his family. Of course, part of that could be due to rumors surrounding the little girl's birth, and the fact that, according to multiple media sources, Owen has never confirmed he's the dad of Varunie's girl Lyla.

2 Keira Knightly Would Rather Not Share

Marie Claire

Keira Knightley may be a household name, but that's not the case when it comes to her daughter, who was born in 2015. Keira and her husband James Righton welcomed baby Edie under the radar, and the star has continued on with her professional life in the spotlight.

Keira not only petitions for equal paternity leave in England and discusses the high cost of childcare but also has explained in interviews that being able to afford quality childcare helped her to avoid losing out on four years of acting and other professional work. Clearly, both her kiddo and her work are priorities.

1 Tyra Banks Is Choosy About Her IG Pics


Supermodel Tyra Banks is definitely not social media shy, but there is exactly one photo of her adorable son York Banks Asla on her IG account that's not an infant snap. And while we get wanting to keep her little guy protected from the spotlight, we're also jealous of how adorable he is and that Tyra's keeping him all to herself.

She didn't even share much leading up to York's birth, after which she confirmed that he was born via surrogacy. There's not even much info on York's dad — who Tyra's Wikipedia page notes is Erik Asla, a photographer. No word on whether the two are still together, but York arrived in 2016 and things are apparently good between the two, as Tyra refers to him positively in her IG posts.

Sources: People, Hello Magazine, Wikipedia

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