Baby Miles Makes His Good Morning America Debut

ABC network's chief meterologist Ginger Zee makes a living telling the country about which regions will get rain, snow, or clear conditions.

But on February 9, it was nothing but sunshine for Zee, who welcomed Miles Macklin into the world, weighing 8 pounds and 7 ounces. And on Tuesday, baby Miles welcomed the world in his own way, with an appearance on Good Morning America (Zee's regular gig since 2011). The segment Skype broadcast the whole family, including Zee's husband Ben Aaron and the baby's older brother Adrian on the family couch at their home in New York.

“He is so chill," said Zee. "He is a baby that hangs out, looks around, he’s very alert, very cool.”


At 36-years-old, Zee has commented that another baby in her life has added to her positive outlook. That picture was hardly idyllic some 15 years ago when the Grand Rapids native was going through bouts of depression and had even considered suicide. An uncertain future after graduating from Indiana's Valparaiso University may have played a part in her emotional turmoil, although she did suffer from anorexia years earlier. The psychological burden got heavier after news from her doctor revealed that she also had narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder.

Those maladies didn't stop her determination to land a job in the media, though. She nabbed an on-air position in Chicago's NBC affiliate when she was 25. It was long before Good Morning America came calling. But wary that her disorders might play havoc with her professional life, she undertook a week-long therapy session at a mental health facility prior to her first day at work.

Zee lucked out in finding a therapist who worked wonders. She still sees him regularly as part of her recovery.

She has also receives endless support from her husband, whom she wed in 2014. Zee said that he was incredibly supportive, even helping her while penning a book about her psychological experiences in her book, Natural Disaster: I Cover Them, I Am One.

That support system, which also includes her mother, has fueled her desire to give back. A week before she was due, Zee even managed to strut the catwalk during New York's Fashion Week at a charity event in support of heart health.



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