Miley Cyrus Announces Soon-To-Be Collab With Planned Parenthood, Marc Jacobs, & Happy Hippie Foundation

Miley Cyrus has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to release a pink hoodie with the phrase "Don't F*ck With My Freedom"; sales will raise funds for Planned Parenthood. Three years ago, the singer promoted her first reproductive rights partnership with Marc Jacobs. Miley was photographed by Marilyn Winters and her face was screen-printed onto tee shirts that sold for $50. The newly released pink hoodie, priced at $175, is available for pre-order on the Marc Jacobs website. All net profits from sales will benefit Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights.

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The 26-year-old singer/songwriter openly supports Planned Parenthood and other social justice issues. Her non-profit, The Happy Hippie Foundation, seeks to end LGBT homelessness and support all homeless youth. Happy Hippie specifically seeks to activate kids, teens, and young adults around all issues that affect vulnerable populations. A partnership to promote access to reproductive healthcare falls in line with Happy Hippie's mission statement. While Miley's face is on the hoodie, her non-profit is one of the sponsors of the limited edition pink hoodie collab.

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Marc Jacobs is famous for his signature street-wise style and edgy high-fashion looks. Miley wears Marc Jacobs regularly, so the collaboration between the two artists isn't surprising. On Tuesday, Miley posted a photo of herself on Instagram to promote the launch of the pink hoodie's pre-order sales. In the image, Miley is wearing a pair of faded jeans and nothing else. She's topless and holding a peeled and halved grapefruit in front of her breasts. Her smile is sassy, confident, and she looks happy! This same image is plastered across the front of the hoodie, surrounded by the text, "Don't F*ck With My Freedom".

Miley's original fundraiser from 2016 also partnered with Marc Jacobs. Via Planned Parenthood

A few days prior to the official launch, Miley gave a sneak peek of her next project. She posted another Instagram from the pink hoodie photoshoot, this time with a cake! The white cake is covered in sprinkles and edged with pink frosting. On top, pink icing spells out a handwritten message: "Abortion is healthcare". Miley is lifting the cake so the camera catches the text. She's also licking the frosting and sprinkles off of the cake in typical Miley fashion.

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Unfortunately, this cake Instagram brought Miley some unflattering attention. Followers began tagging @thesweetfeminist, a "rage baker" based in Washington, DC. Becca Rae-Holloway, the woman behind @thesweetfeminist, pointed out the obvious similarities between Miley's cake and her own cake art from May of 2018. Rae-Holloway's fans continue to tag her in Miley's Instagram, prompting Miley to respond with a promise to tag the original artist in the post. Cyrus admitted the cake in her post was inspired by Rae-Holloway's, but denies intentionally snubbing the artist.

Via Instagram: Miley Cyrus & The Sweet Feminist

Despite the misunderstanding, Miley's sponsored sweater is expected to be a popular item for those who want to support reproductive rights in the United States. Currently, Planned Parenthood has filed lawsuits in several states and is expected to spend millions on their legal team's agenda. A representative from a Planned Parenthood clinic in Missouri, Dr. Colleen McNicholas, shared her perspective: new state-specific abortion bans are "part of a larger trend we are seeing in this country to criminalize not only abortion but also the people who are having abortions and the physicians who are providing that abortion."

The pink hoodie is available for pre-order exclusively on Marc Jacobs' website.

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