Miley Cyrus Exploits The Instagram Egg To Deny Pregnancy Rumors

It was the egg that broke the internet - and smashed, for lack of a better word - Kylie Jenner's record of the most likes ever on Instagram (previously held by the first photo of her daughter, Stormi, which garnered over 18 million likes).

Now, that simple brown egg - which, as of today has over 47 million likes on Instagram - is being recycled by superstar Miley Cyrus for the purpose of denying some pretty serious rumors about what's crackin' in her oven - or not crackin', as the case seems to be, according to the Nothing Breaks Like A Heart songstress.

Yesterday, The Daily Mail tweeted a photo with an accompanying article showing Cyrus out and about, dressed in a free-flowing outfit with what could be (or could not be?) a tiny baby bump hidden underneath. The caption read "Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth 'are expecting their first child together'", and it didn't take long for Cyrus to jump on her keyboard and craft a response.

And it was pretty egg-cellent, if you ask us. In fact, we've been cracking up about it all day. Instead of a boilerplate response simply denying the rumor in 280 characters or less, Cyrus took a slightly more creative approach to the suggestion that she is a mommy-to-be.

"I am not 'egg-xpecting' but it's 'egg-celent' to hear everyone is 'so happy for us'... We're happy for us too! 'Egg-cited' for this next chapter in our lives... Now can everyone leave me alone and go back to staring at an egg?" she tweeted.

Accompanying her tweet, the actress and singer-songwriter shared a photo of herself similar to that of The Daily Mail's with the viral brown egg photoshopped to her midsection. The pièce de résistance, however, was that the egg was topped off with Cyrus's signature smile - tongue and all.


Cyrus, 26, married longtime love Liam Hemsworth, 29, just last month in a small ceremony at their home in Tennessee. According to a source close to the couple, the pair aren't quite ready to become parents (despite the rumors!) and are content for now to play aunt and uncle to Hemsworth's older brother, Chris's three children.

That settles that, we suppose. Case cracked ... or should we say closed?

Only time will tell.

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