Military Dad Has Surprise Homecoming And Meets Baby For First Time

One woman had no idea that her husband had come home early from his deployment to surprise her. He was also able to meet his daughter for the first time.

One year ago, Cassie Whelan's husband, Josh Sarpu, was deployed to Iraq. Josh is a medevac crew chief in the National Gaurd. When Josh was deployed it was very hard on Cassie. She was 6 months pregnant with their first child and she realized that she would be doing the rest of her pregnancy, delivery and even the newborn stage of her daughter's life without her husband.

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Cassie knew that her husband would be returning in a couple of days and she knew that she would be spending her first mother's day alone with her daughter. Cassie was being interviewed on Good Morning America and she was listening to her husband speak over Skype. The video call was on National television. Cassie and Sarpu were talking and Cassie assumed that he was still overseas. Then Sarpu asked if they could move the wall.

Good Morning America

The crew moved the wall out of the way and Cassie realized that he was in the building the entire time and that he had actually come home early to surprise them. Cassie was so very surprised that he was there and she said it was such an amazing moment. She was very shocked. She thought she would have to spend Mother's Day alone, but now it will be so much better. When Josh was able to see his wife he said hi and then grabbed his daughter. He had never met his daughter before and their daughter was already six months old.

We are so excited that the family has been reunited and that Josh gets to spend some much-needed quality time with his wife and daughter. He has missed so much and so it will be nice for him to start to get to know his daughter. Cassie is probably really excited to be able to have her husband home. Thank you so much for your service Sarpu and Cassie's sacrifice. You both are heroes.

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