Military Father Blasts His Child's Mother For Faking Pregnancy On Twitter

Twitter is in an uproar because of a military man blasting his baby mama for lying about her pregnancy. Her friends and family members have weighed in.

Twitter turned into a full investigative mode when a 19-year-old Texas man posted a now-deleted tweet that his girlfriend lied about her pregnancy. He posted several screenshots of her looking pregnant but arguing that she wasn't. He posted her baby shower pictures, her sonogram and ultrasound photos and a photo of her holding what looked like a newborn child in the hospital. However, Twitter users, along with the father-to-be, examined the photos carefully and found several questionable things.

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The Texas man admitted he is newly enlisted in the Army because he wanted to provide a better life for his child-to-be. He claims she photoshopped her sonogram photos to send him while he was in boot camp. He also claims she received tons of gifts for her baby shower and she never mentioned anything about having any difficulties in her pregnancy. Twitter users searched for the baby mama in question and instead found her mother on Facebook.

Allegedly, someone texted the mother of the pregnant woman in question and she posted on her Facebook that her daughter was indeed pregnant, however, she lost her child. No word on when she might have lost it because of the mother's uncertainty if her pregnant daughter experienced a miscarriage or had a stillbirth.  A miscarriage is when a spontaneous loss of a fetus happens before the 20th week of pregnancy and stillbirth is a loss after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

However, the pregnant woman in question has close friends who are weighing in on the situation. They believe their friend was actually pregnant and some of them even touched her belly. A few of them feel their friend is devasted because she lost her baby and is traumatized. The most bizarre photo from this story seems to be the pregnant mother posting a photo in the emergency room cradling a baby. The baby seems to be an actual doll with a knit cap on its head and the emergency background was a giveaway to some Twitter users because she wasn't in the maternity ward.

According to Figo, Miscarriage is a traumatic event which affects every woman differently but can lead to grief, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If it is true she miscarried, she is possibly struggling to get the help she needs. This story will be continuously updated as the mother has not posted on social media since the father posted in the now-deleted tweets.

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