Military Mom Is Reunited With Her Toddler After Serving Her Country

A military mother just came home and was reunited with her toddler in the airport.

Air Force Staff Sergeant Chelsey Speicher watched her son grow through FaceTime and pictures. Chelsey left her 2-year-old son, Bennet, about 6 months ago when she was stationed in Jordan. For the last six months, the little toddler was only able to see his mother through video chat. Thanks to modern technology, Chelsey was able to talk to her son and her husband every other day on FaceTime and she said that thinking about seeing him again got her through all of the tough times. She was worried about seeing him again in person because she didn't know how he would react.


When Chelsey got off the airplane and was reunited with Bennet he was so excited. He ran up to his mommy and gave her a big hug. He then grabbed her face to make sure she was real. She was able to be reunited with all of her family that day, but seeing her son for the first time in six months truly melted her heart and made the event so special.

When Chelsey came off the plane she walked towards her young 2-year-old. The video showed Bennet hesitant at first, but then he recognized his mother. He sprinted up to his mother and jumped into her arms. Chelsey began sobbing as she proceeded to kiss Bennet over and over. Her husband walked up and hugged her and his son. They are finally reunited and the family is back together.

Watching the video of Chelsey reuniting with her son could really melt anyone's heart. It is a tough spot to find ourselves in, in today's world. We need people to serve our country in order to protect us, but then parents are being taken away from their families. We really wish that families didn't have to be ripped apart, but we are grateful for all of the military families who are doing sacrifices for our country. We are so very happy that Chelsey got to reunite with her son and that she gets to be back with her whole family.

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