Yes, I’m A Millennial Mom. No, I’m Not Ruining Our Society

Hi there! Millennial here! I was born in 1990 and so I am 29 years old. Let me first define the generation of Millennial because people sometimes don't know. The most common definition is children who were born 1981-1996 (22-37 years old).  Sometimes people get frustrated with "the kids these days" and then say something like "they are such entitled Millennials." However, people sometimes forget that many of the Millennials are in their late 30's! Each generation is considered to have their stereotypical reactions and responses to the world around them. Baby Boomers are very judgmental, "know-everything," always say condescending things like, "back in my day." Baby Boomers also are known for giving their outdated advice about everything.

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Generation X is right in-between Millennials. Millennials blame Baby Boomers for a lot of the financial problems that we struggle with today. Baby Boomers are very tough on my generations. They believe that we are lazy, entitled, care too much about our social media, and they are convinced that we are all terrible parents ruining the world. I saw a meme the other day that said, "Baby Boomers love to make fun of Millennial until they need Tech Support." I am part of the generation that the Baby Boomers seem to hate, but I am not ruining society. Every "older" generation will always think that the "younger" generations are stupid but I promise you that I am not the problem with the world.

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I graduated with my Bachelor's degree in three years. I paid for my schooling with student loans and my husband and I paid them off with our own money. I then graduated with my Masters Degree two years later. My husband and I both have our Master's Degrees, we have our own home (that we bought with out own money), we have four children that we take care of with our own money, and I am a stay-at-home mother. As much as my parents have helped and I rely on them because my mommy is my best friends, we don't rely on them financially. My first house was a dump and I fixed it up all by myself. I worked my butt off!

We are teaching our children good manners. We are teaching them to open up the doors for their mother and their sweet little sister. We are trying to teach them all of the right things and how to be good people. We go to church every Sunday and we donate 10% of all of our income to our church and the humanitarian aide. This is not to brag at all, I just want people to understand that we aren't all trying to tear down this world. In every generation there are going to be people who are mean, lazy, entitled, rude, happy, sad, angry, cheerful, helpful and who are changing the world. Yes, I am a Millennial Mom, but please don't blame me for all of society's problems.

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