15Good Idea: Capsule Wardrobe For Children


If you're like most people then you look at Pinterest when you really should be washing the dishes or doing laundry or some other messy chore. So, you know full well that pins for capsule wardrobes are ALL over the place. And for good reason, too.

A capsule wardrobe is simply

a wardrobe that requires fewer articles of clothing. You choose a base color (usual black or navy), grab some neutral colors, and a couple accent colors. All your clothes fit within this color and style scheme, so you're not wasting 20 minutes trying to pick an outfit each day.

The same idea applies to both kids and adults. For kids, it might mean having a drawer full of jeggings that go with any top rather then the matchy-matchy tops and bottoms. More than anything, it just makes for easy outfit planning.

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