Millennials Are Obsessed With Children’s Toys And Movies – And It's Hurting Kids

The current generation is so unwilling to let go of what they loved during their childhood that they may be inadvertently damaging the generation that will follow them.

Have you taken a look at what movies are showing in your local cinema lately? Aladdin, Toy Story, The Lion King. Anyone would think we have been transported back to the 1990s. Society is currently on quite the nostalgia kick as of late and it goes well beyond just Hollywood.

Video games and toys are guilty of relying on remakes and sequels too. Pokémon GO had us reliving 90s nights under our duvets with our GameBoys, and you can even buy a David Bowie-themed Barbie if you have $50 to spare. The trouble with all of this throwback entertainment is who its aimed at, as Emily Beecher pointed out via The Guardian.

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Beecher believes that the focus on letting millennials continue to live their own childhoods via remakes and sequels is coming at the expense of today's children. That movie studios and toy developers are being lazy. Sticking with tried and trusted franchises and tweaking them for an adult audience since not only have they been proven to be popular, but the people who loved them as children are now adults with money.

Beecher describes taking her young children to see Toy Story 4 recently. That the theater was filled with adult laughs throughout, but not many reactions from children. One of her daughters even described it as "trash" after leaving the theater. Don't get us wrong, there are new movies and creations for children. But honestly, which parent, millennial or not, is going to take their children to see The Queen's Corgi when Toy Story 4 is showing in the screen next door?

To play devil's advocate, although the market is currently flooded with millennial-pleasing products, it isn't as if today's kids have been completely forgotten. Peppa Pig, How To Train Your Dragon, and Fortnite are just a few examples of massive titles that did not exist when The Lion King-watching adults were growing up. We might not like Fortnite and Peppa, but there's no hiding from the fact they are basically loved by kids worldwide.

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