Why Are Millennials Choosing To Have Dogs Instead Of Babies?

More and more Millennials are adopting dogs instead of having babies. Why do you think that is the case?


The age of adults getting married is becoming older and older. The age of people becoming parents is also getting older. Many Millennials seem to be avoiding parenthood as long as possible and getting fur babies instead. Young couples are quicker to buy a dog than to have a baby. Of course, having a baby is much more of a challenge than a dog, but many young couples are opting out of the whole "parenting" thing altogether, but why? Why are Millennials choosing to have dogs instead of babies?

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The question arises, are young couples avoiding babies because they are afraid of responsibility, or because of the cost? Couples who decide to get dogs instead of babies are completely obsessed with their animals and truly believe they are parents to their furry animal. One mother shared a story of a time that she went to a baby shower where one woman was talking all about sleep training, potty training, and feeding her baby organic food. This woman talked constantly about baby proofing her apartment. The woman showed a picture of her "child" to the mother and it was a beautiful 4-month-old schnauzer.


Studies have revealed that young couples are now buying/adopting puppies and treating them like their first born. Nothing but the best for their first child! Studies have found that pet parents are starting to lean towards organic, natural and free-range diet. Mars’s Pedigree and Nestlé’s Purina have seen a decline in their sales because more pet parents are not buying the "cheap" food for their "child" and they are turning towards the premium food.

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Some may theorize that the reason Millenials are choosing to have children later in life is that they aren't as "settled" as young couples in previous generations. It is harder for Millenials to get into a career (even with education) and it is much harder to buy a home. More and more women are also leaving the home to work and focus on their own careers. As opposed to what our grandparents and great-grandparents did. Now, couples are having to figure out how to pay for daycare while the parents are at work. Couples don't want to have children until they are financially ready. Of course, many theorists from the older generations are under the impression that Millenials are afraid of responsibility which means that they don't want to have children. What do you guys think?

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