'Million Dollar Listing New York' Star Luis Ortiz Reveals He's Expecting A Daughter

Luis Ortiz from Million Dollar Listing New York shared that he is going to be a father for the first time and he will be having a daughter.

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On August 15, Million Dollar Listing New York star, Luis Ortiz, made a huge announcement on the most recent episode of his show. He revealed that he was going to be a daddy! He said that he was expecting a little baby girl! The bomb was dropped but it left fans with way more questions than answers. He didn't tell anybody about the details about his daughter coming into this world. People wanted to know when she would be coming when he found out and even who he was going to be having a daughter with. We aren't sure who the mother is!

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Ortiz was in the middle of the interview and he was talking about how one of his associates has a daughter and he has loved watching them together. He then goes on to explain that he has had a lot of ups and downs over the years and he has been trying to fix some things in his life. He shared, "but every day gets better, and seeing this only makes me happy. It puts no pressure on me 'cause I have my own time. And I can't have all these beautiful things right now if there's a big part of me that's broke and I need to fix that first before I go on a have a family and have kids." Ortiz then goes on to say that he needs to fix them quickly because he is going to have a kid. He then continues by saying, "yeah, seriously. I'm having a kid. I'm having a baby girl." That is all he said about the situation and all of his fans were in complete shock. We need answers!



He has had a very tough couple of years. He took time off of the real-estate business to take care of some things in his personal life. He then recently revealed that he wanted to get back into things, so we hope that means that he is doing better. We just hope that he fixes those things that he wants to fix before he becomes a father. He should know that no parent is perfect. Everybody comes with baggage before they have children. We are all trying to work through all of our problems and there is no prerequisite about being perfect before becoming a mother or a father. We are all just trying to be the best people we can be and hope that we can raise our kids to be good people.

Congratulation Luis! We are hoping we get more answers soon, but we are very excited for you and this new chapter in your life.

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