Mindy Kaling Is Going To Be Such A Cool Mom

Mindy Kaling isn’t a regular mom. She’s a cool mom!

Mindy Kaling welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Katherine Swati, on December 15, 2017. The Mindy Project creator and star is proving to be the coolest and most hilarious mom.

The actress confessed prior to motherhood that she wasn’t really into the whole kids thing. However, after having a child of her own, all bets are off. “It’s really profound and strange. I was not a kid person at all,” Kaling revealed during her appearance on The Late Show with host Stephen Colbert. “I was the person, if you had a baby at a party, I would go up to them and shake their hand be like, ‘Hello’. So I didn’t know or understand how to be around babies,” Kaling continued.

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From not really knowing how to “be around babies” to being around her own 24/7, Mindy has been shocked by the major change. The star claims she “knows more” now than she did prior to having a child of her own, and usually that’s all it takes. According to People, Mindy also revealed she finds enjoyment in a certain amount of life being out of her control. “Okay, it’s out of my hands, which is kind of fun feeling,” the star said in regards to motherhood.

Not only is Mindy surprised with how much she’s adapted to being a new mom, but she also has her parenting style down. The Wrinkle In Time actress is taking things as they go, and won't be too “fast and loose” when it comes to her kids. The star admitted she is not going to “actively plan, but if it happens, it would happen.” Sounds like she’s just going with the flow!

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The 38-year-old is also expected to be one hilarious mommy! The star is notoriously known for being absolutely hilarious on her shows and social media. We know she’ll crack loads of jokes with her little girl. “If you got it flaunt it if you don’t got it, flaunt it,” she tweeted back in 2014. Seems like she’s not only got a cutting sense of humor, but she’ll also be teaching little Katherine a thing or two about confidence. Go Mindy!

Sounds like she’s got everything sorted, and we’re certain that if there’s someone who can do it all, it’s Mindy Kaling.

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