This Super Affordable Toy Vacuum Actually Lets Your Toddler Clean

You can now buy a mini vacuum cleaner that actually works so your little ones can help with the cleaning.

The day your baby is born is one of the best and most special days of your life. Holding that tiny little thing in your arms, a brand new person that you'll love more than anything or anyone. You can't possibly imagine that harmless little baby ever annoying you or getting on your last nerve. Sadly, they will. It's inevitable.

Just wait until they reach an age where they can move around without you and start wrecking everything you own and love. Turn your back for one minute and when you return, your living room will look like it was hit by an extremely localized twister. You can try to teach them to clean up after themselves, but that will take a long time to actually take hold.

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The trick is to make cleaning and tidying feel like part of the fun. How on Earth do you do that, we hear you ask? Well, Casdon might be selling the answer, reports Scary Mommy. A miniature vacuum cleaner designed for children that actually works. You can buy it right now on Amazon and the best thing about it might well be the price. It costs an extremely affordable $34.99.

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As you can see, the vacuum is modeled on the extremely popular Henry Hoover. The design is incredibly popular in Europe where you can find Henrys and other members of the Hoover family, such as Hetty, in more than six million homes. The mini version obviously isn't as powerful as the regular Henry, but it will certainly make a dent in the cleaning if your toddler is constantly wandering around with it.

The mini Henry weighs just three pounds and has a little draw where whatever is hoovered up gathers. Providing its infant user doesn't find that draw, they should do more good than bad with the vacuum. Probably best to leave the emptying to an adult otherwise they will probably just undo all of their hard work. It does require batteries, but surely it's worth it for a little help with the cleaning from an unexpected source.


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