Minnesota Baby Born Weighing Almost 14 Pounds

Average sized newborns are anywhere between 7lbs and 8 lbs. When moms are pregnant they are always anticipating a baby that is average size and they are prepared with newborn diapers and a newborn take home outfit. Sometimes babies surprise their parents by being around 6lbs, or they surprised their parents by being a little bit larger at around 9lbs. When babies are in the 9lb range they usually get cringe-worthy looks from fellow mothers, because those moms know what it meant to get that baby into the world. Pushing out a 9 lb (or larger baby) is no joke. However, have you ever had to deliver a 14-pound baby? One couple in Minnesota just got the surprise of their life!

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Michelle and Doug McMurdo knew that she was going to have a big baby! They knew that he was going to be a little bit bigger, but had no thoughts that he would be almost 14 pounds! They named their large baby Gabriel and he was born on April Fools Day. When the couple called and told their family about the size of the baby their family assumed they were just playing a prank. No, Gabriel was indeed 13lbs and 15oz. Wow! That's a lot of baby!

ABC New York

Michelle had her suspicions that he would be a little bit bigger. He had been measuring right on track her entire pregnancy until 32 weeks where his measurements were closer to 35 weeks. They just had no idea he was going to be THAT big. When Gabriel was born the family didn't have any clothes for him and had to go get a 6-month-old outfit. The nurses had to go and get diapers from the pediatric wing because he wouldn't fit in Newborn or size 1 diapers. He went straight into size 2!

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The craziest thing is that Gabriel is actually not the biggest baby to ever be born! The Guinness Book of World records shows the largest baby to have ever been born weighed around 22 pounds! Heck, that's larger than a lot of one-year-olds! Gabriel is said to be the largest baby born at his hospital though and the doctor said he had never seen a larger newborn!


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