Minnesota Toddler Survives Fall From 11 Story Building

Musa Dayib is being called the "Miracle Baby" after he fell from the 11th floor of a building apartment balcony and survived! His father, Guled Ahmed, was playing with him in the living room and went to the kitchen for a moment when it all happened. 

After his father went into the kitchen, his 3 year old daughter opened the door to the balcony and little Musa went out the door and fell. The 3 year old daughter then ran into the kitchen and told Guled "the baby fell."  Guled's brother spoke and said that his brother will never be the same after this. The reason why Musa survived the fall was mostly because of his small size, according to doctors. "Little [kids] are more flexible and don't break as easily as we do and he also fell in a very small patch of mulch," physician Tina Slusher.

Musa suffered a broken spine and ribs, a punctured lung and a concussion, and he is in critical but stable condition. We wish this little miracle boy a safe and speedy recovery! 

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