Miranda Kerr Revealed That Son Hart Has Inherited Dry Skin From Her Husband

Miranda Kerr shares in an exclusive interview about how her son and that he has naturally dry skin and he got it from his father.

Australia model, Miranda Kerr, married Snapchat CEO and founder, Evan Spiegel. Together they have a one-year-old son named Hart. When Hart was 10 months old the couple revealed that they were expecting another child together. Kerr also has an 8-year-old son, Flynn, who she shares with her ex-husband Orlando Bloom.

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Kerr revealed in an interview with W Magazine that her son deals with some skin issues like her current husband. She shares that Hart has naturally dry skin like Spiegel and that he will probably struggle with it for the rest of his life. Kerr explains that she has used lotion on her oldest son Flynn his whole life and he has perfect skin. Her son Hart needs a little more extra skin attention due to his skin dryness. Miranda continues with the interview by sharing that she has launched her own skincare line earlier this month that she named Kora Organics. Miranda is hoping that the skincare line will help her son with his patchy and dry skin. Kerr shares that she has to be very vigilant with her son's skincare routine or he will start getting patchy spots. She has to be consistent with applying the Kora body lotion and balm every single day.

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She admits that she noticed her husband, Spiegel's, skin right away. She said when she met him she thought he was really cute but her first thought was, "his skin is very flaky." When they started dating she was happy to share all of her skincare routine and advice to her now husband to help him with his skin issues. Ever since they started dating his skin has since improved and he feels much happier about his skin. He does have naturally dry skin and sadly he did pass that onto his son. Spiegel says that he loves being a father and it has certainly changed him. He has loved every minute. Both of them are very excited to be able to welcome another baby into this world!

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