Miranda Sings: 21 Things To Know About Her Pregnancy (And 1 Thing About Her Birth)

There is something for everyone on YouTube, and one of the more popular styles of videos are vloggers. Vlogging is a video blog, and it is when you follow a family around while they do their day-to-day activities. There are many families and personalities out there that are extremely popular, but there is no one like Miranda Sings.

Miranda Sings is a fictional character who has a YouTube channel and a Netflix series that centers around said character. She is quirky, funny and a bit delusional and she has millions of followers. Currently, on YouTube, she has 10 million viewers. Miranda is played by Colleen Ballinger, who also has a large presence on YouTube apart from Miranda. She is a classically trained singer, and her videos have people laughing and falling in love.

Colleen announced that she was pregnant earlier this year, a surprise to a lot of her fans who did not even know she was trying to conceive. This got interesting because it also meant that Miranda was pregnant and that was interesting. Colleen aka Miranda has recently given birth to her baby boy and being a huge fan of her myself I wanted to explore 20 things to know about her pregnancy and 1 thing about her birth.

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21 The Baby Daddy

Fans where shocked when Colleen announced that she was pregnant. She announced the pregnancy before Miranda did. Not a lot of fans knew she was even in a relationship. Colleen was married to fellow YouTuber Josh Evans, but the pair divorced a couple years ago. Colleen was now in a relationship with Eric Stocklin.

She met Eric on the set of her Netflix show Haters Back Off. A show that was centered around Miranda Sings. Erik played Patrick, her best friend who was also hopelessly in love with her. Well, it turns out the pair fell in love while on set and were engaged with a baby on the way before anyone really knew about it. They are the cutest couple.

20 Very Excited Mommy-To-Be

It is normal for a lot of women to be excited when they find out they are pregnant, it is the most common reaction. Colleen was no different, and she was very excited to find out that she was pregnant and couldn’t wait to share the news with the world. Colleen was interviewed by People magazine, and this is what she had to say about becoming a mommy;

“We’re so, so excited! We’re so in love and can’t wait to meet this kid. It’s just all happening at once; a lot of exciting things coming quickly, which is awesome. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.”

19 Very Sick

The excitement didn’t seem to last long as Colleen quickly learned that pregnancy is not easy, it involves a lot of sickness; sickness that she had to deal with for a very long time. Colleen stated that while she was so happy and excited to be pregnant, she had been constantly sick and miserable. She stated that she didn’t think people talked enough about how hard pregnancy can be, and that she was not prepared.

“I’ve been very, very sick – just grumpy and moody” is what Colleen stated during an interview. Unfortunately, Colleen was hit with morning sickness that lasted all day, and not just in the morning like one would suspect.

18 A Lot Of Fan Backlash

Unfortunately, if you put your life on the internet and into the public eye to see there are bound to be some negative consequences. Colleen may not have been expecting the reaction she was getting from some of her fans when she announced she was pregnant. Fans became upset that Colleen seemed to be only showing content that concerned her pregnancy.

While it is understandable that her channel content did change when she became pregnant, it is also understandable that a person changes when she becomes pregnant. This appeared to hurt Colleen’s feelings as she made numerous videos to address the negative reaction, wondering why she was not allowed to be joyful over her baby on the way.

17 A Mother’s Guidance

It is very common that when a woman is pregnant, she turns to her mother for some help and guidance. Colleen was no different. Colleen has always stated in her videos how important her family is to her, and her mother is one of her best friends, so it is only natural to assume that she would turn to her mom for help when she got pregnant.

“When I told her, she had the best reaction – screaming and kissing my stomach. It was very sweet.” Colleen then went on to say how her mother told her how wonderful pregnancy was going to be. Which wasn’t the case for Colleen who was really sick. When she complained to her mom about how sick she was, her mother then told her the truth, that she was sick as well.

16 Terrified Of Getting Sick, She Turned Away Fans!

Aside from the pregnancy-related sicknesses that Colleen was dealing with, she was terrified to get any additional illnesses when she was pregnant. This meant that she kept her distance from anyone, including fans. Colleen goes on tour quite frequently as herself and Miranda, and she often does a lot of meet-ups with fans. This time around, she was not allowing fans to get to close to her in fear of getting sick.

This angered a lot of fans, who thought she was rude and was being too much of a worry-wart. Colleen explained in a video that she had a really good and valid reason for keeping her distance. When her mother was pregnant with her brother, her mom got sick. This unfortunately led her brother to having some issues in life, including being hard of hearing.

15 Pregnancy Cravings

Almost every woman who is going through a pregnancy has a craving. Things that they need to eat right now, and a lot of it throughout the course of their pregnancy. Sometimes, these cravings tend to be for odd foods that not many people would think to eat. Colleen was no different, and she had two very big cravings during her pregnancy.

Colleen stated that she craved pickles and In-N-Out burgers. These cravings, she said, were not so much about what she wanted to eat but were more things that she was able to keep down during her pregnancy. She made a lot of YouTube videos centered around her eating the world-famous burgers, and she made everyone hungry who watched them.

14 A New Perspective

Becoming a mother can definitely change someone, and the change can either come when the baby is born or the moment the pregnancy test shows positive. It is a change that can’t be explained or described to anyone, they would have to feel it for themselves in order to understand it.

This change in prospective was definitely felt by Colleen, as she stated in an interview;

“I have a whole new perspective on pregnancy and motherhood not that I’m experiencing it. Just because it’s so hard and so confusing and so exciting. Women are so amazing that their bodies can do this and they they’re strong enough to do this. I can’t believe almost every woman goes through this because it’s so hard.”

13 How She Found Out!

Every woman can probably tell you the time, place and what they were wearing the moment they found out they were pregnant. It is such a momentous moment in a person’s life and it leaves an imprint on your heart for the rest of your life. Colleen recalls exactly how she found out she was pregnant.

Colleen and her fiancé, Eric, were watching the hit show “The Handmaid’s Tale” which centers a lot around women conceiving. She suddenly though to herself what it would be like to be pregnant. This question got her thinking, so she took a pregnancy test, and saw a faint line. She took about 40 more just to make sure.

12 How Did Miranda Handle Pregnancy?

We already mentioned that Colleen plays a character on YouTube and in a Netflix, series called Miranda Sings. Miranda is unique, and you really need to watch some videos to truly understand the character. Miranda is an egotistical woman who believes she is very talented at almost everything and she definitely thinks she is a big star.

She is also very modest, getting embarrassed with any bad words, or any talks of conceiving a child. When Colleen got pregnant, she knew that Miranda would have to be pregnant as well. It would be impossible for this popular character to just disappear for 9-months. Due to Miranda being so modest, it was played off as a similar situation to the immaculate conception.

11 Accidentally Revealed The Gender Early

Colleen was no different than a lot of women out there who are finding out the gender of their baby during the pregnancy. Not a lot of women wait for the entire 9-months before finding out if they need pink or blue. Colleen had a super-sweet gender reveal, which is on YouTube, where sheI and Eric announce the baby’s gender.

However, Colleen accidentally let the details slip well before this. Colleen was on tour and she took a moment to have a candid conversation with her fans. She was talking about the baby and referred to the baby as a “he.” The crowd immediately went wild, and there was no backing up. Colleen threatened to block any of her fans that shared the news.

10 First Comes Baby, Then Comes Marriage

Colleen has had a very rocky and public love life, and she was married before to Joshua Evans, who also does YouTube videos. The pair divorced fairly quickly following their marriage. Josh was very public with a lot of the details, and Colleen tried to stay out of it and live her life.

When Colleen announced that she was pregnant, a lot of fans were confused because they didn’t even know she was in a relationship. She then explained about her relationship with Eric Stocklin. She stated that Eric is not comfortable being in front of the camera as much as Colleen is and that is why he is not seen a lot. She also revealed that the pair are engaged to be married. We can’t wait to watch it all unfold, they really are the cutest.

9 Stop To A Long Tour

Another thing on Colleen’s resume is that she loves to go on tour. She tours all over the world and plays both herself and Miranda. Her shows are hilarious and entertaining. Colleen was just about to go on tour when she found out she was pregnant. Actually, part of her pregnancy announcement was stating how her agent was “going to kill her.”

Colleen was able to finish the tour, but she will be taking a break from touring when her baby comes. Being a new mom is busy enough without adding an international tour to your to-do list. She will still be uploading regular videos on her YouTube channel though.

8 Open And Honest

The thing about being online is if you are untruthful, it will only be a matter of time before people catch on and spill the beans. That is why it is always better to just be open and honest about what is going on in your life. This is the approach that Colleen has taken when it comes to her pregnancy. Colleen released a very touching video to her YouTube channel where she was open and honest about her pregnancy struggle.

“If you’re not interested in stories about health and scary things then you probably won’t like this. I’ve been going through a lot recently. My body has been going through a lot recently and it’s been scary and emotional and not very fun.” Colleen went on to describe the struggles she was having bringing her little baby into the world.

7 She Blacked Out

I know we are talking a lot about how sick Colleen’s pregnancy was, but that is for good reason. Colleen truly had a horrible time being pregnant and one example of this is when she forced a plane to stay grounded. Colleen was scheduled to take a flight when she all of a sudden threw up and blacked out. She was on a place heading home from Seattle and stated that she felt fine, she felt well-rested and hydrated.

After the plane had been in the air about 20 minutes, she blacked out, slightly injuring herself and temporarily lost her hearing. When she came to, she was incredibly sick and had the attention of the whole plane. The plane was forced to turn around and head back to the Seattle airport.

6 Baby Is Already In A Music Video!

It is easy to see how Colleen’s little baby is going to be born famous. Millions of people around the world will know his name and love him as if he were a part of their family too. However, Colleen’s little baby has already been in a music video. Colleen and singer, Ariana Grande are close friends, and when Ariana asked Colleen to be in her latest music video for “Thank You, Next” Colleen accepted.

The video is staged to mock the film “mean girls” and Colleen plays a woman who though Ariana was pregnant, so she got pregnant, so they could be pregnant together. She also shows off her cheerleading moves with her baby bump right alongside her. The belly even got a little smooch from Ariana.

5 A Christmas Themed Baby Shower

Almost every mom who is expecting a baby is so excited for their baby shower. It is a time to come together and celebrate with family and friends and mom gets all kinds of sweet presents to use for her little baby. Colleen had a pretty epic baby shower, and of course, she vlogged the whole thing. She had a Christmas themed baby shower.

Since her baby was due on New Years Day, Christmas seemed like the perfect theme for her part, and the results were hilarious. They played a hilarious secret Santa elephant game where everyone walked away with a quirky and fun gift.

4 Adorable Family Reactions

One of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube are pregnancy announcement videos. It warms my heart to see how people react to a new little baby entering the world. They are usually funny, genuine and hilarious. Of course, Colleen captured all of her family’s reactions on camera when she decided to announce that she was pregnant.

She told her sister by playing a fun ‘guess what’s in the box’ game. She placed her positive pregnancy test in the box and her sister leapt with joy when she unravelled the clues. Colleen decided to tell her mom by taking her to the mall and getting her to pick out some clothes for her. Her mom was confused for a moment when Colleen suggested a store that sold baby’s clothes. When her mom put the pieces together it was super sweet.

3 Even Cuter Friends Reaction

Of course, Colleen also captured the reaction from some of her dear friends as well. Colleen has a lot of friends in the YouTube world, and a lot of them were part of this video. Joey Graceffa is another YouTube star and his reaction is captured. Along with many other friends.

Everyone was over the moon for Colleen, and no one was more excited than her viewers. There are videos available on YouTube of fans reacting to Colleen’s pregnancy announcement. The announcement was so unexpected that the reactions are truly priceless. I was one of those fans that was very confused at first and thought that the video had to be some sort of joke.

2 Baby Did Not Have a Name

One of the hardest things to do in life is name a baby. You are assigning a name that another person will have to carry for the rest of their life. This is no easy task. Colleen had a hard time picking a name. it wasn’t until after the birth that we found out she had a girl name picked out, but they struggled on a name for a boy.

This is not completely uncommon in the world of expecting parents. Some parents like to get to know their little baby out of the womb for just a little bit before they announce the baby’s name. We now know that the little baby’s name is Flynn Timothy Stocklin. The sweetest name.

1 The Baby Is Here! Really Early!

Baby Stocklin, or Flynn, is here. There is one big thing to know about his birth and that is that it came very early. Colleen was not due to deliver until January 1, 2019. She delivered her baby on December 10, 2018. You could almost say the baby came a whole year early. The doctors were getting nervous closer to Colleen’s due date because her baby was measuring quite large and Colleen was still sick and in a lot of pain.

There was a plan in place to talk about setting up an induction date closer to Christmas, but baby Flynn could not wait that long. It was very early in the morning, about 5:30 AM when Colleen’s water broke while she was laying in bed. A few hours later, baby Flynn was here.

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