Miranda Sings Announces Pregnancy

Colleen Ballinger, known to her extensive online following as "Miranda Sings", has announced that she is expecting via a sweet video uploaded to her YouTube channel. The 31-year-old had managed to keep her pregnancy a secret, telling viewers she wanted to "Kylie Jenner" everyone by maintaining her privacy for as long as she could.


The substantial clip, which runs for 10-minutes, documents her pregnancy journey so far, from the moment she found out she was expecting. The star holds up the positive test while bursting into tears, overjoyed at the news. The footage then cuts to a scene of the mom-to-be telling her friends and family, who have a similar reaction to Ballinger. They all burst into tears. The baby news is undoubtedly a milestone in the life of the on-display YouTuber, who expects to welcome her first-born into the world on New Year's Day.

The news came as a shock to fans who only just found out the star was dating her Haters Back Off co-star Eric Stocklin recently, as the pair wanted to keep their romance under wraps. Colleen explains that her actor beau isn't an "internet person" as he's very shy, so her social media world isn't something he's really into. As well as the baby news, she revealed that the two are soon to be newlyweds, having recently got engaged.

Ballinger created the character of Miranda back in 2008, a comically talentless, misguided and quirky character that appears in her YouTube videos. The first skit quickly took off and was picked up for a Netflix spin-off in 2016. Ballinger was previously married to fellow YouTuber Josh Evans, but the pair called it quits two years ago. Evans has also recently announced an engagement of his own.

Aside from detailing her excitement at starting a family with Stocklin, the comedienne went on to tell of her pregnancy cravings, which included pickles. On the downside, Colleen opened up about the horrible morning sickness which has left her reeling, unable to establish a healthy appetite.

It looks like both mom and dad are eager for this year to fly by so they can meet their firstborn, with Ballinger stating "I'm due New Year's Day, but I'm hoping it comes this year rather than next. I already feel like I've been pregnant for seven years."


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