Mismatched Parenting: 25 Celeb Couples Who Parent Differently (And 5 Who Parent The Same)

Celeb parents can do a great job of co-parenting, whether they are former couples or still together, and even if they don't share the same parenting styles. In theory, two different parenting styles may create a perfect balance. One parent might be strict, while the other is more relaxed. The kids will get the best of both worlds. Of course, two different parenting styles may also create a little tension now and then.

It's true that opposites attract. Many of these famous parents who have kids would describe their celeb partners as their opposites. There are other celeb parents who are much more alike and tend to parent in similar ways. There's no right or wrong way here. Every family is unique and any blend of parenting styles can create a happy home life. It's all about working together for the good of the family.

Anyone who loves reading about celebs and their parenting styles should check out every single entry on the list. This list is packed with fun facts about some cute celeb couples who have children, including Dax Shepherd and Kristin Bell, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith and Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman. People who read the list will find out which parents are opposites in terms of their parenting styles, and which ones are right on the same page.

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25 Dax Shepherd and Kristin Bell Are Opposites (Parent Differently)

Dax and Kristin are such a cute couple, aren't they? Dax used to be a bit wilder than Kristin and actually found her bubbly personality a bit strange at first. He liked her and felt that she had the qualities that he was looking for, but realized early on that they were opposites.

This couple started seeing a relationship therapist together very early in the game to make sure that they could get past any roadblocks in their relationships. Dax and Kristin are very different and this extends to how they parent their two daughters. When either of them gets stressed out while parenting they switch children and that seems to help.

24 Kim Kardashian Is Stricter Than Kanye (Parent Differently)


Kanye doesn't really seem like the strict parent type, does he? Whereas his wife, Kim Kardashian, does believe in a stricter parenting style. Khloe Kardashian has compared Kim's stricter parenting philosophy with that of their sister, Kourtney, and decided to follow in Kim's footsteps rather than Kourtney's.

Kanye is a caring parent, but he's not as into parenting rules as his wife. What they do agree on is wanting a really big family. Kim and Kanye are currently expecting their fourth child via a surrogate. The source who shared news of the fourth baby reported that the surrogate's pregnancy is quite far along.

23 Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith Don't Always Agree (Parent Differently)


Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith have been open about their ups and downs. They don't always agree on things and that includes parenting. Jada was committed to giving her children tons of freedom to be themselves because she was raised without that type of freedom.

Even though Jada believes in giving her children freedom, she says that she has a stricter parenting style than her famous Fresh Prince of Bel-Air hubby. Will must be really relaxed to be less strict than his wife. With parents, this strong and successful, kids need to work hard to get out of their parent's shadows.

22 Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Tougher On Her Kids Than Her Hubby (Parent Differently)


Sarah Michelle Gellar has been happily married to Freddie Prinze Jr. since 2002. This is a Hollywood marriage that is still going strong, even though so many celeb marriages just don't make it. Sarah and Freddie have two kids, Charlotte Grace and Rocky James.

While Sarah and Freddie are definitely compatible (Sarah took Freddie's last name after five years of wedlock to honor their anniversary), they do have different parenting styles. While Sarah and Freddie are both more strict than not as parents, she is the stricter one. They are open about being different and liking different things. They each bring something different to the table as parents.

21 Mila Kunis Is More Emotional Than Ashton Kutcher (Parent Differently)


Mila and Ashton agree on so much when it comes to parenting their son and daughter, but Ashton tends to be a bit more cool, calm and collected. Mila is the more emotional parent. This isn't unusual for couples. One partner will be more detached and the other might be a bit of a hothead at times.

People tend to seek out partners who are a little different from them because it provides balance and is interesting. While Mila is more emotional, these celeb couples do agree on most parenting rules, such as not spoiling the kids and insisting on good manners.

20 Matthew McConaughey Has A Hippie Parenting Style But Camila Doesn't (Parent Differently)


Matthew McConaughey is a laid-back guy who is also extremely successful in his career. He's a dad now, and his parenting style is definitely chilled out. He likes a hippie type of parenting philosophy, where things are peaceful, fun and spontaneous. He is not a big-time authoritarian. Although his wife, Camila, also loves fun times with the family, she's less crunchy as a parent than Matthew is. Somebody has to enforce parenting rules sometimes at home or it will be chaos.

19 Jamie Oliver Is a Weekend Parent, Unlike Wife Jools (Parent Differently)


Jamie Oliver is running an empire, so he's not doing as much parenting as his wife, Jools. Jools has always wanted to be a mother and housewife. This was her dream in life and she is living it. Jamie is there to help on the weekends. But during the weekdays, he's taking care of work commitments. Jamie has a net worth of 400 million bucks, so Jools can get tons of help with her children during the week if she wants it. Jools and Jamie have five kids.

18 Julia Roberts Worries More Than Her Hubby (Parent Differently)


Julia Roberts tends to worry as a mom, while her husband, Danny Moder, has a more relaxed attitude about parenting. Julia and Danny have three children. Hazel and Finn are twins while Henry is their third child. Julia and Danny do have different personalities and a source revealed that they have clashed over parenting issues. Julia says she tries to shield her kids from tabloid stories about her and Danny's relationship. Julia and Danny have been together for 16 years now.

17 Keith Urban Needs Nicole's Advice to Parent Their Daughters (Parent Differently)


Country music sensation, Keith Urban, doesn't know everything about parenting daughters, so he often defers to his stunning and talented wife, Nicole Kidman. Nicole is female, so she has the edge in terms of understanding their kids. It's smart of Keith to ask for advice when he needs it. Both Keith and Nicole seem very happy together and they've created a beautiful family. They were recently spotted enjoying a luxury getaway on a posh yacht, with plenty of family in attendance.

16 Travis Scott Gets More Attention From Stormi Than Kylie Does (Parent Differently)

Travis Scott, who has had so much success with Astroworld, is in a good place in his life right now. He has a famous girlfriend, whom he plans to marry. His girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, is on track to be a billionaire, thanks to the success of Kylie Cosmetics. He also has a daughter, Stormi, who completely adores him. Stormi can't take her attention off of her daddy when he's around. Kylie is a devoted mom, so she's probably thrilled that Stormi has bonded so deeply with her father, even though he gets a bit more attention.

15 Alec Baldwin Lets Hilaria Take Charge At Home (Parent Differently)


Alec is a hothead, for sure. He's gotten into trouble over losing his temper. Once in a while, he just loses it. At home, his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, who is known for her yoga-centric lifestyle, wears the pants. She makes the parenting rules and Alec goes along with her decisions. It's interesting that this family dynamic exists, as Alec is such a strong personality. He must have a lot of faith in his wife's judgment when it comes to parenting their young children.

14 Heidi Pratt Will Discipline More Than Spencer Will (Parent Differently)


Heidi Pratt is loving motherhood. You may still think of her as Heidi Montag, who rose to fame on reality TV (The Hills). Heidi took her hubby's name and this married couple will soon appear in The Hills reboot, which is slated to air in 2019. Spencer is into crystals and filled the labour room with sparkling crystals to help Heidi get through labour. At home, Heidi is a little stricter than her hubby, but they both adore their son Gunner. Their son may just appear on reality TV in the near future, along with Speidi.

13 Hugh Jackman Is More Into Parenting Rules Than His Wife (Parent Differently)

Hugh Jackman and his wife have been together for a long time. She's been with her hubby for twenty years now. This happy couple dismisses gossip about their relationship and just get on with being happy and taking care of the kids. Hugh has more rules as a parent. Hugh says he's tough on the kids sometimes because he is so famous. The kids aren't growing up in a typical way because Hugh is in the spotlight. Jackman thinks he'd be more relaxed as a Dad if he wasn't famous.

12 John Travolta Is More Likely To Give In To The Kids (Parent Differently)


John Travolta is a big softie when it comes to his kids. He's more likely to cave in and give them what they want than his long-time wife, Kelly Preston. John and Kelly lost a child, Jett, and that was a terrible loss. It's something that they'll never really get over, but they had a child afterwards, Benjamin, who is helping them to stay positive and love life again. They also have their lovely daughter, Ella, who is dabbling in acting.

11 Jay Cutler Has More Parenting Rules Than Kristin Cavallari (Parent Differently)

Kristin kind of seems like she'd be a taskmaster at home. She's organized, driven and wants things her way. She's sort of a queen bee type. However, the truth is that her hubby, Jay Cutler, has more parenting rules than his reality TV star wife. If you want a closer look at the family life of Kristin and Jay, check out their own reality TV show, Very Cavallari. Jay is pretty funny on the show. He doesn't play to the cameras and comes out with some real zingers once in a while.

10 Kyle Richards Does More Parenting Chores Than Mauricio (Parent Differently)


Mauricio is a loving father, but extremely busy with his extremely successful real estate career. This is why Kyle is the one who generally sets and enforces the parenting rules in their home. For example, Kyle makes sure that their youngest daughter, Portia, doesn't get everything that she wants when they go shopping, even though her father would be happy to buy her whatever she likes. Kyle's trying to stop Portia from being spoiled. This is a very rich family, so Kyle is smart to try and teach her daughter the right values.

9 Lisa Rinna Is Way More Extra Than Harry Hamlin (Parent Differently)


Harry Hamlin's parenting style is more relaxed and less emotional than Lisa Rinna's. Lisa does get emotional a lot and she's a very high-energy woman. Harry is more traditional, old-fashioned and reserved. Harry and Lisa seem to have a rock-solid relationship. They co-parent with ease, even though their parenting styles are not the same. Harry really calms Lisa down sometimes, and he probably has the same soothing effect on the girls, although he does have more rules. He cares about curfews and things like that. It's good for kids to have boundaries.

8 Brangelina's Different Parenting Styles Broke Them Apart (Parent Differently)


Even long-term celeb couples may throw in the towel at some point. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt did. Then, the estranged exes had to get help from the courts to establish co-parenting rules. Angelina and Brad used to travel all over the world with their kids. Now, they live in the same area, so the kids can see them both easily. A source reports that their differing parenting styles were one factor that drove them apart. Sometimes, couples outgrow each other, but they are still parents and they need to figure out how to share the kids.

7 Pamela Anderson Did Most Of The Child-Rearing (Parent Differently)


Pamela Anderson handled most of the tasks associated with raising her two sons. Tommy Lee was often away on tour. He needed to keep earning money for the family. Pam and Tommy didn't make it as a couple and they have some bitterness towards each other, although Tommy claims that Pam still wants to get back together with him. The troubles between this famous pair may be impacting Tommy's relationship with his sons. His sons seem a lot closer to their mom, for whatever reason.

6 Scott And Kourtney Are Very Different People (Parent Differently)


Scott and Kourtney are doing the modern family thing lately. They are co-parenting while the world watches. Kourtney did seem so in love with Scott. She'll probably always feel some sadness that things didn't work out with the father of her three kids. Kourtney's parenting style is about attachment. It's about closeness and reading bedtime stories and doing all kinds of traditional stuff. Scott cares about his kids, too, but isn't a big attachment parenting person. He is more of a free spirit who needs to roam sometimes.

5 Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Are On The Same Page (Do It The Same)

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd have the same values. They love the same things, including their kids, Pandora and Max. They present a united front and they've spoiled their kids sometimes, while also giving out tough love at other times. For example, her son Max once had the power turned off at his apartment because he failed to pay the bill. Lisa and Tom didn't pay it for him. They told him to pick up extra shifts at work. They wanted him to learn the value of earning money. While Lisa and Ken can be tough occasionally, they give so much love at other times. They are on the same page as parents.

4 Chris and Elsa Have The Same Parenting Philosophy (Do It The Same)


Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky seem to enjoy family life. Chris has said that he'll choose to be with the kids over work sometimes. Elsa is also a devoted parent. Chris and Elsa are on the same page. They are aware that they are very wealthy and they try to downplay their wealth. They don't want their kids growing up with feelings of entitlement. Chris had to work to get things he wanted when he was young. He knows his kids are growing up in a different situation. He and Elsa are trying not to raise spoiled kids.

3 Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham Value Family (Do It The Same)


Mark Wahlberg's wife, Rhea Durham, used to model for Revlon. She really had a moment as a model. Then, she met Mark, fell in love and started transitioning towards being a wife and mom. Rhea doesn't seek out the spotlight, but she and Mark have built a happy family together. Mark seems so in love with his wife. He trusts her completely and they don't have issues with different parenting styles. They share the same beliefs and pass them on to their kids.

2 Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell Have The Same Rules (Do It The Same)


Rebecca and Jerry seem like a very cool couple. They are fun people who are always smiling. This cute couple has twin daughters named Charlie and Dolly. Rebecca used to be the stricter parent but says that Jerry has been on the same page in terms of parenting rules since the twins grew older. Their daughters are now eight years old. Rebecca says that having twins makes it tough to be a helicopter mom, because there are two of them vying for her attention, rather than just one.

1 Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Have Fun With It (Do It The Same)


Chrissy is very outspoken. John is a bit more reserved but really enjoys the life that he and Chrissy have built with their two kids. Chrissy and John seem totally in tune. They are often pictured together with the kids, doing everyday stuff like hanging out at the park or beach or making meals. Chrissy has said that she feels closer to John since they've embraced a tag team parenting style together. This means that Chrissy will take care of the baby while John looks after the older child and vice versa.

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