Missing Mom Savannah Spurlock: Everything You Need To Know

Part of the beauty of becoming a mother is joining the sisterhood of mothers. It's an unspoken bond of solidarity, to look another mom in the eyes and give her a knowing look. Savannah Spurlock is another mom in our collective tribe. She's a mom to four kids - a 4-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a set of newborn twins. And, unfortunately, Savannah has been missing since January 4th from her home in Kentucky. The investigation into her disappearance is ongoing, but police are still looking for more information. Let's rally together, mom tribe, and do our best to help Savannah Spurlock make it home to her children.

Savannah Went For A Fun Night Out

Savannah Spurlock is a loving mom to two toddlers and she has recently given birth to twins. While her family and friends say Savannah wasn't a night owl, the evening of January 4th saw Savannah leaving to go to a bar in her mom’s car. She left with a female friend, who is still unnamed by local police. The two women drove to a male’s house where Savannah left the car. The three of them got into a different car and went out for the evening. Her purse and wallet were found in one of these cars. Her mother said she had left her credit cards behind when going out to a bar.

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Savannah Was Last Seen At 3 AM

Savannah was last seen 2:34 am leaving The Other Bar in Lexington. She is seen clearly on surveillance video, leaving the bar with two men. The Richmond Police Department (as Savannah went missing from Richmond) do know the identity of these men and have interviewed them. They are not naming them in the press as of right now, although they have been questioned.

The police have questioned these men. Via WBON News

Around 3 am, Savannah called her mom via Facetime. Savannah was seen sitting in the front passenger seat of a car with three other people in the car. She called her mom to tell her that she would be home the next morning. Her mom couldn’t see anyone or identify them as the people from the surveillance video. Notably, her mom said that Savannah's call put her at ease and she did not seem to be in distress or worried. 

When Her Mom Realized Savannah Was Missing

All that peace would disappear the next morning when Savannah's mom realized she had not yet returned home. After waking at 8 am, her mom tried to call Savannah to locate her. The cell phone, which has still not been found, went straight to voicemail. This scares Savannah's mom because it's unlike her to break her promises. Apparently, Savannah knew her mother needed the car back to use the next day, which made her absence all the more worrisome. 

Police Have Revealed Savannah Spurlock's Last Known Location

For the most part, police have remained tight-lipped about the investigation. For example, they've shared that they know the two men on the surveillance video. However, they're not yet releasing their names. We know that they've interviewed these men, but we aren't aware of the content of these interviews.

She was last seen at a rural home. Via Inside Edition

Investigators have confirmed she was last seen in Garrard County after leaving the bar in Lexington on January 4th. She was apparently brought to the house by the three men in the car she left in. These men claim they did not know her before meeting her that evening and leaving the bar. One of the men said she left the home later that morning, but didn’t specify how she left. No one can confirm this account. Her phone, which has not yet been found by police, was turned off at 8:30 am that morning.

Police Searched A Pond To Find Savannah

Over the weekend of February 9th, investigators began a new search for Savannah Spurlock. This search focused on the land near a pond in Garrett County, KY. Saturday night saw search & rescue teams focusing on an area around a pond while search dogs - presumably cadaver dogs - went to work. 

Her Children Are Still Waiting For Answers

Savannah has been missing for almost 6 weeks now. Via New York Post

Savannah’s ex-boyfriend is caring for the twins and the 2-year-old, their children together. Her four-year-old was taken in by her father. Her ex-boyfriend, who is not a suspect in her disappearance, has said that her children do not yet understand she is missing. Shaquille Smith, the father of her youngest children, has said that he believes the men who left the bar with Savannah that evening know where she is. Her mother confirms that Savannah rarely went out "partying". Her family is pleading with anyone who has information to come forward. 

Those with any information or tips about Savannah’s disappearance should contact the Richmond Police Department: detective@richmond.ky.us or 859-624-4776.

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