Here's Where The Family's Missing Socks End Up

Getting kids ready for the day has to be one of the biggest challenges a parent can face, next to the constant diaper changing post-birth, of course. They don't want to eat their breakfast, they don't want to pull themselves away from the TV and they absolutely, definitely don't want to get dressed. It's a battle that never ends - and only worsens when a parent can't find a matching pair of socks. No matter how many times we buy new sets to ease our tootsie-toil, socks always manage to end up as lone rangers. Now, a viral photo may have solved the missing sock mystery once and for all.

One woman took to Twitter to share a picture that caused an almighty uproar. After two property managers decided to take apart a dryer that wasn't working properly, they discovered what may as well have been the fountain of youth. Underneath the wash basin, there was a long-missed stash of socks of all colors and sizes. The pair - of property managers, not socks - explained that the machine was also harboring $7 dollars worth of change, other delicates and even a credit card. In over 25 years of being in the industry and fixing countless appliances, they had never seen anything like it.

The picture has since been shared thousands of times, causing quite the commotion in the Twittersphere. After all, losing socks happens to us all at some point in our lives (may they rest in peace). Some users said they felt vindicated by the possibility that the dryer really does eat their socks as they always thought, while other, more safety-conscious individuals, recommended that everyone check their appliances, as a huge sock clog has the potential to start a serious fire. Another practical Pete suggested everyone check the slinky-like duct at the back of their sock-eaters (aka dryers), to see if there is anything entrapped in there.

One thing is for sure, we can all sleep better at night knowing we aren't insane, that our socks really do go missing. Or, if our dryer isn't the issue then we'll just keep blaming it on the goblins.

Happy washing!


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