Toddler Claims He “Hung Out With A Bear” While Missing For 2 Days

A three-year-old who went missing for two days in North Carolina claims that while he was gone, he hung out with a bear.

Having your child go missing is every parent's worst nightmare. You turn around or take your attention away from them for one second, and sometimes that can be enough for them to wander off. Even if you have just had that horrible feeling of not knowing where they've gone for 10-15 seconds. That pit in your stomach that forms as you instantly fear the worst.

Now imagine that you have that feeling for a solid day, and then that day turns to night. The parents and family of three-year-old Casey Hathaway experienced exactly that last week as reported by the Daily Mail. Casey had been playing in the yard with his sister and cousin when he wandered off into the woods nearby. His great grandmother didn't realize he had gone until the two other children returned to the house without him.


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As you might imagine, panic ensued. Casey's family frantically started to search for the little boy and after 45 minutes, they called 911. It took a full two days for search parties to find Casey, at which point he was discovered trapped in a thorn bush calling for his mom. Despite being out in the wilderness for two days alone, he was relatively unharmed, just suffering a few scratches.

That's because, according to Casey, he wasn't alone. His family and everyone searching for him was obviously eager to know what he got up to in the woods for 48 hours. According to the toddler, he "hung out with a bear." Since he was presumably in the woods for two days and black bears are native to North Carolina, Casey might actually be telling the truth.

You often hear stories and tales about animals finding babies and children and looking after them as if they were their own. Monkeys, wolves watching over children. Perhaps this was an example of that. We would really love to know more about Casey's experience with a bear, and how much of the story is true. Perhaps it is one he will be able to tell in greater detail when he's a little older.


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