A Missouri Sheriff’s Department Has Welcomed 17 Babies This Year

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office of Missouri has 17 new dads. This department, which consists of 175 officers, has set a new record with this number of babies - they are rejoicing the experience by bonding with each other. Not to mention, these deputy officers are proud of all their babies.

The families of 14 out of 17 babies with their moms and dads gathered on November 4 at Sandy Creek Covered Bridge in Jefferson County. The photo of all 14 dads and babies is too adorable. Almost all the babies were dressed in white onesies, and deputy badges were printed on them. They wore brown pants, and few of them were having bows, socks, and boots on, while the dads were in their uniforms.

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There were two babies who were merely ten days old. Capt. Andy Sides commented on this large number of newborns to St. Louis Post-Dispatch, saying, "Holy cow," and also added, "It's really special." He has a six-month-old baby, which is his second. In the department, the infants are being addressed as - “Prop P babies." Proposition B, which was passed last year, offered a raise to members of the Sheriff's office. An increase in property tax has led to an increase in their salaries.

The photoshoot was unquestionably complicated. They took loads of pictures, and we can see the babies had their own timing. They were watchful of their surroundings, thumbsucking, kicking, whining, staring, or gurgling in their parent's arms. According to the spokesman Grant Bissell, the new dads' age is around 31.8 years on average.

Sheriff Dave Marshak mentioned, "It's important that we support our families. For us, this is good." Sgt. Matt Moore, whose little one, Luca was also born this year, said, "I think it's more than a coincidence. It certainly gives you a lot more flexibility in starting a family if you've got more income. Kids aren't getting any cheaper these days." Now the new dads are going on leave to enjoy some time with their babies.

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Lucy is the first child of Deputy A.J. Kausler and his wife Baileigh Kausler, born four months ago. They expressed their appreciation for the hike in the salary, stating, "I don't know how we would have afforded this without (Proposition P), I would not have been able to take 12 weeks off without Prop P either." Andy Sides is enjoying fatherhood and believes it suits him. He says, "Oh my goodness! I love it with both of our boys and my wife. I wouldn't trade it for the world. It makes your bad days good when you come home.”

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