MLB Player Bryce Harper Announces Wife's Pregnancy

Bryce Harper and his wife just announced that they are expecting their first child! And baby Harper is going to be a boy! We are ecstatic!

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Bryce Harper, an outfielder for the Philadelphia Philies, and his wife made a big announcement! The new Phillies outfielder shared a picture a Instagram announcing that him and his wife are expecting their first child! They also shared that their new baby is going to be a baby boy and they are so excited! The Philadelphia Phillies are about to gain their biggest and cutest fan!

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Bryce and his wife captured a picture of a them standing in front of  Benjamin Franklin Bridge while holding a jacket with the #3 on it and saying "Baby Harper." The couple looked so happy to be announcing their new little bundle of joy! That little one is going to be so loved by his amazing parents. Harper is really excited to be raising his son in Philadelphia! Harper announced captioned his picture "Philly raised little man will be!"

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Little baby Harper should certainly have a luxurious life. His dad just signed a 13 year $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. He has already proven to have earned his roll on the team. In Harper's debut weekend he hit two mommoth home runs leading the Phillies to a 3-0 start! His little boy will be so excited to be able to be born and to cheer on his daddy while he plays his heart out!

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Congratulations to the couple on their first child! We are so happy for you and we hope that mama continues to have a healthy and happy pregnancy! We are so excited for when the baby comes and we get to see little Harper baby dressed in Phillies gear and being all cute and adorable! Thank you guys so much for sharing your amazing news and we are so excited for you two!

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