Moderately Crunchy Moms Unite!

In the spectrum of mom-dom, I'm what you might call "moderately crunchy". I'm part hippie - I openly breastfeed, I cosleep, and I babywear. But, I'm also part whatever-the-opposite-of-a-hippie is. Chemicals can be super helpful, hell yes I vaccinate my kids, and we're definitely not vegan. I've settled on this "moderately crunchy" descriptor because it feels most accurate. You know, I used to think that most moms were in the same camp. But of course, every parent has their own nuance and preferences. Maybe you babywear but formula feed, or you don't cosleep but you otherwise practice attachment parenting. Whatever works for you, boo.*

*Unless, of course, it doesn't work, because SCIENCE.

See? Natural things contain chemicals, too! (Because everything is chemical....)

This is the part where I lose some of you followers. If you're still around after I ragged on crappy MLMs, this might be your tipping point. You might see a trend, though. Yes, these are my opinions - but I'm basing them on what I've gleaned from factual information.

Everything. Is. A. Chemical.

Your heart is in the right place, mama. I know you want your baby to be healthy and happy! But they aren't going to get cancer because you cleaned with Lysol instead of a Norwex cloth. The CDC has straightforward guidelines for sanitizing and disinfecting different items, and literally none of those recommendations say, "Just use water!" That's because water can't kill viruses, and neither can fabric. I hate to break it to you, but if they showed you that chicken juice demo, it's all sorts of misleading.

This makes me want to hurl.

To quote a trusted biologist I know with a buttload of degrees:

The company does state that the cloths are able to remove 99% of the bacteria on a surface. This is consistent with data out there that suggests that microfiber cloths are good at removing around 99% of bacteria and preventing their growth, mostly because microfiber dries very well and is made of plastic, which means it can’t be a food source for bacteria.

To their credit, Norwex doesn't claim to be capable of disinfecting anything. But their consultants? Their claims are a bit...overreaching. For the record, you don't need to disinfect or even sanitize (they are two different things!) to clean most things. Only when you're dealing with pathogens is this critical. But - when it's critical, it's really critical. So break out the chemicals guilt-free. And that includes Tylenol!

Just use Lysol, for goodness sake.

Every crunchy mom I know swears by homeopathic remedies. They'll treat headaches, the flu, and even scrapes with these "natural cures". Here's the thing: homeopathic remedies are actually a crock of crap. It's the equivalent of refilling a bottle of water with tap and selling it for five bucks. I mean, that's what bottled water actually is, but the comparison still stands. Essentially, homeopathic remedies claim that diluting a substance in water actually makes it more potent.

Re-read that.

Diluting something. Makes it. More. Potent.

Do I really need to go any further? I'll do it anyway. Basically, the bottle of homeopathic gas drops you bought has not a single molecule of the active ingredient inside it. You're buying fillers, and fillers only. 

Listen: do what you want, crunchy mamas. So long as you aren't harming or neglecting to treat your kid's illness, it's not my lane to tell you to stop buying stock in Hyland. But before you do that, do yourself a favor and read the scientifically valid research. Chemikillz is a scare tactic that becomes a mindset - a mindset that can, at best, cost you money. At worst? Clinging to "natural" can hurt or kill people. I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not.

Natural is not always better. When it is, I'm all for it. But let's not pretend like all things organic are a panacea. All things in moderation, right? Even crunchiness.


Want more info? Check out www.fortheloveofclean.com - a great, science-based resource for household cleaning information. Skeptical about my stance on Norwex? Clinging to your Hyland's Gas Drops for dear life? Let me have it - @pi3sugarpi3

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